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Next Big Sound tops most innovative music company list

By | Published on Wednesday 11 February 2015

Next Big Sound

And now, it gives me great pleasure – courtesy of the diligent dudes at Fast Company magazine and their ever insightful mission to list some companies they heard someone mention once – to reveal this year’s most innovative music company. And the company doing music most innovatively in 2015 is, of course, Next Big…

Oh hang on, Kanye West’s just walked into the office. What’s that Kanye? “If Fast Company, if they want real innovators to keep coming back, they need to stop playing with us… because we ain’t going to play with them no more. Next Big Sound need to respect artistry and they should give their award to Beyonce”.

He’s right you know. What does Fast Company magazine know? Fancy putting Beyonce’s company Parkwood Entertainment second in a list of the most innovative music companies. Fuck that, we’re talking about Beyonce here. Of course her company is the most innovative. I mean, surprise album release everybody! Putting Next Big Sound top, what the fuck? Fast Company? Fast Racists more like.

Elsewhere in the list, Deezer comes in at three, six slots above Spotify, because there’s nothing innovative about being the market leader, that’s for sure. is in at four because, well, wow,, what an innovation! Ticketfly is in at five because, well, wow, Ticketfly, what an innovation! Sonos is in at six because, well, wow Sonos, what an innovation! And in at seven: SFX. Because, well, it forced the term EDM on us all, which was definitely innovative. Innovations can be shit too.

Jack White’s Third Man Music and direct-to-fan pre-sale specialists PledgeMusic complete the ten. Ha, ten companies in your top ten! What’s innovative about that? Here’s the list in a list for fans of lists. Though don’t forget, non-racists would put Parkwood top.

1. Next Big Sound
2. Parkwood Entertainment
3. Deezer
5. Ticketfly
6. Sonos
7. SFX
8. Third Man Records
9. Spotify
10. PledgeMusic

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