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Niall Horan foot fracture a mystery but probably not caused by a squirrel

By | Published on Tuesday 8 September 2015

Niall Horan

One Direction’s Niall Horan has fractured his foot, though he’s unable to say when or how he sustained the injury.

In a Vine video with bandmate Louis Tomlinson, Horan said: “I woke up for the show the other day and I had a pain in my foot. Then I went to get an x-ray today and I’ve got a fractured right foot and I don’t know how”.

Last year, Horan underwent knee surgery to correct an ongoing injury that he sustained after being attacked by a squirrel in Battersea Park two years earlier. Six months later, the knee was still causing him pain – though largely because fans were throwing things at it.

And yes, as ever, I’m really only writing this so that I can remind myself of the time Niall Horan was attacked by a squirrel.