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Niall Horan most popular amongst One Direction doll buyers

By | Published on Friday 16 November 2012

Niall Horan

So, Harry Styles is no longer the favourite amongst One Direction fans. Perhaps the teenage girls in the boyband’s fanbase preferred it when there seemed like a possible chance that the 1D boy might end up shagging their mothers, and it’s been weeks now since Styles was linked to a MILF. Though there are rumours the ‘X-Factor’ alumni have been invited to play the White House for President Obama’s daughters, and Harry did once remark of First Lady Michelle Obama “what a very attractive older woman”; now that would make for an interesting diplomatic incident.

Anyway, Niall Horan is now the 1Der of choice, and we know this with 100% certainty because of the sales on Amazon of the One Direction dolls this year. Whereas the Harry doll was by far the most popular last year, accounting for 35.5% of all 1D doll sales on the etail website, he now comes in third place, accounting for 20.4% of sales, behind Niall with 25.2% and Louis Timlinson with 21.3%. Poor old Liam Payne, though, has had the least well selling doll both this year and last. Perhaps those 1D fans who prefer a bit of Payne are too old to be playing with dolls.

Of course if Styles is feeling stressed about this turn of events, he could try convincing himself that the change has only occurred because the Horan doll is so generic looking, it could also double up as a figurine of Justin Bieber or Cody Simpson or any other youngish blondish male teen star, making it the perfect gift for a fickle teenage pop fan. I mean, all the One Direction dolls are god-awful, but at least the brown splodge on top of the Styles doll makes it at least a bit similar to the famously curly haired 1D boy.