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Nick Cave and Warren Ellis to release new film soundtrack

By | Published on Wednesday 1 April 2015

Nick Cave

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, as they so often do, have recorded a film soundtrack together. This one is for David Olehoffen’s ‘Loin Des Hommes’, which stars Viggo Mortensen and Reda Kateb.

“Very often a tension can happen between music and picture that is about chance and a kind of unknowingness that can be really amazing”, says Nick Cave on the attraction of working with film. “Just by putting together two things that were created in isolation, music and film, suddenly something quite magical can happen”.

On the duo’s distinct soundtrack style, Cave adds that the breakthrough was discovering Ellis’ archive of violin loops, saying: “It was suddenly an amazing way to write because you didn’t have to do things from scratch. Warren would put on a loop that would create this instant atmosphere, and we could go off and work on top of that. To sit at a piano, put chords onto a linear loop and make something out of that is just an easy and very pleasurable way to work”.

You can hear music from the soundtrack, which is released on 18 May, via this trailer for the film: