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Nick John dies

By | Published on Wednesday 12 September 2018

Nick John / Mastodon

Mastodon and Gojira have paid tribute after their manager Nick John died on Saturday. He had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Last week it was revealed that John’s diagnosis was the reason that Mastodon had recently cancelled their entire North American tour with Dinosaur Jr. In a statement following his death, the band said: “Thank you for your guidance, your wisdom, your never ending hard work and dedication to Mastodon, always pushing and reaching, turning over every stone to make sure we were always protected and always had every opportunity any of us could dream of”.

They continued: “Thank you for making yourself available morning, noon and night to handle every crisis or situation that ever came up. Thank you for being so passionate and believing in us with such enthusiasm that we considered you part of the band. Thank you for your calm demeanour, your level head and your sharp sense of humour. Thank you for showing all of us how to work our phones and computers with incredible patience”.

Concluding, they wrote: “Thank you for your smile and your infectious laugh but most of all, thank you for your unconditional love and friendship, we love you very much and are going to miss you more than we know”.

Another of John’s bands, Gojira, said that they had “lost an exceptional human being”.

Beginning his career at Def American in the 1990s, John worked at management company Rick Sales Entertainment for more than two decades. As well as Mastodon and Gojira, he worked closely with Slayer.