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Nile Rodgers and Chic sign new deal with Warner Bros

By | Published on Tuesday 3 February 2015

Nile Rodgers

Ever since it was made law that Chic had to be booked to play at every single festival in the land (I’m not joking, several festival bookers are now facing jail for not adhering to this), Nile Rodgers’ star has been back on the rise.

This, of course, peaked with his production work on the last Daft Punk album, ‘Random Access Memories’. But would you believe, there hasn’t been a Chic studio album since 1992? What the fuck’s that all about? Someone should do something about it. And someone has.

Warner Bros Records has announced that it has signed a global deal with Rodgers and Chic for a new album. In addition to this, Rodgers and former Warner exec Michael Ostin’s own Land Of The Good Groove label will have distribution and label services provided by WBR.

Through the deal, Chic will release their first album for 25 years in June, with the first single due to ‘drop’ in March.

“My relationship with Warner and Michael formerly started with ‘Like A Virgin”’, said Rodgers, noting his previous associations with Warner in the 80s and 90s after producing the Madonna track. “The [new Chic] album is double diamond, just like our friendship is”.

Says Ostin: “Nile and I have had a long rich history as creative collaborators and close friends. To be partnering with him during this exciting chapter of his career and to be back in Burbank at Warner Brothers, a building that served as my second home since childhood, is an unimaginable dream come true”.

WBR CEO Cameron Strang added: “Nile Rodgers’ influence on the course of modern music cannot be overstated. For the past four decades, his visionary work as a songwriter, producer, bandleader, and musician has reverberated across genres and generations”.

He went on: “From groundbreaking guitar work, to an uncanny hit-making instinct, to shaping the sound of countless artists, he has created a phenomenal musical legacy. Nile has never stopped moving forward, so I am thrilled to welcome him into the WBR family as he begins a dynamic new chapter of his extraordinary career. And I’m doubly thrilled that Michael Ostin will be returning to the WBR fold as Nile’s label partner”.

Thrilled. Someone always says they’re “thrilled” in these announcements.