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Nile Rodgers maximises social media #engagement with broken nose

By | Published on Wednesday 25 April 2018

Nile Rodgers

Nile Rodgers broke his nose after tripping on the way into his studio yesterday. It being #2018, we know this because the first thing anyone thought to do was film him bleeding into what looks like an empty sandwich packet in order to post some footage on Instagram.

“Jesus Christ, I guess that’s what you call ‘a slip and fall injury'”, he says in the clip, assessing the blood splattered all over the floorboards. “I think we’d better go to hospital, bro”.

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“Alright”, replies the person filming, somewhat reluctantly. Although they did leave the musician lying there long enough to take a photo for a later Twitter post. Gotta engage those fans!

Describing the scene in his tweet, Rodgers writes: “Here I have a foldable ice pack and have already stopped the bleeding. When I arrived at the hospital the doctor said I ‘did everything right’. I’m going to be fine even with the broken nose”.

I’m not sure if he told the doctor about the social media posts. From the information provided here, though, we have to assume that in order to do “everything right”, all and any injuries should be filmed, photographed and published before any medical treatment is sought. It’s quite possible you’ll now be asked to do that by the 999 operator before they’ll send out an ambulance.