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Nile Rodgers sits for “world’s first voice-interactive digital portrait”

By | Published on Wednesday 24 March 2021

Nile Rodgers

Paintings are soooooo seventeenth century. So today, what we are told is the “world’s first voice-interactive digital portrait” is being launched, with Nile Rodgers its subject.

Created by The Forever Project in partnership with Universal Music and the National Portrait Gallery, the piece allows you to not only look at Rodgers but also virtually ‘meet’ him. Filmed using two 8K 3D cameras over two days, the musician’s avatar is now primed to answer any of 350 possible questions you may have.

“Who I am as a person is really the essence of most of my songs”, says Rodgers. “So I hope this experience will help people understand more about my journey, my life in the music industry, and what I have been trying to say through my music. It gives people I might never get to meet the opportunity to ask me questions and share thoughts in a completely new way. I love this because I believe that at the foundation of music are human connections and a human story that needs to be told”.

“I hope people who know my work really well enjoy some special moments, and people who are new to my work can get a peek into a life in music”, he adds. “If I can share some hope and optimism along the way, then even better!”

Accessible via, if you want to be able to interview Rodgers fully, then you’ll need to stump up £20 for a three month pass to the portrait (5% of which will be donated to the National Portrait Gallery to dust its stupid old school paintings, or whatever). You can also check it out for free, but if you take that option you’ll only be able to ask three set questions. Although I just asked him one of those and he refused to answer.

Still, Forever Project CEO Sarah Coward says: “Voice interactive media will completely transform audience experiences across global industries including music, film, sport and education. Forever and its partners are excited to be at the forefront of this new approach to bring remarkable moments to fans and communities”.

“Organisations of all types know that delivering truly engaging new media that can build powerful connections with audiences remotely will be essential to future success in a post-Covid world”, she adds. “Our voice interactive content creates compelling experiences with authenticity at heart”.

Another benefit of this is that, unlike a painting, you can look at it on the internet and truly say you’ve seen it. So why not head over to now and see if Nile will answer any of your questions?