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Nintendo signs up Ella Eyre as 3DS Ambassador

By | Published on Tuesday 21 June 2016

Ella Eyre

Nintendo has signed up Ella Eyre as the new ambassador for its 3DS handheld console. So that’s happened. Her first job is to try and make life simulation game ‘Tomodachi Life’ sound like fun, which she has definitely had a good go at.

In a video, also featuring singer Chloe Howl, Eyre explains that she set up her copy of the game with characters representing people from her real life, including Howl and her boyfriend, Rixton’s Lewi Morgan.

“I’m away from home a lot, so I love things that give me a sense of familiarity”, she says. “It really makes me laugh to see my favourite people being silly – it reminds me that even if I’m not with them, I can still watch them mess around together”.

Sure, yeah. But it’s not all plain sailing, because – amazingly – the Mii avatars in the game don’t always represent what is going on in real life.

“My Mii character is having a really tough time getting a boyfriend at the moment”, she says. “Lewi keeps knocking me back, so I have to think up ways to get him to like me. I’ve sung him songs, visited his island and even taken him his favourite snack spring rolls to try and tempt him – trying the classic ‘the way to a man’s heart through his stomach’ tactic, but so far… nothing!”

Instead, Lewi’s digital version is dating Chloe’s digital version, which could make a frequent traveller paranoid. Not Ella though: “With all the break-ups and dating, it feels a bit like an episode of a soap. I’m hoping the Ella Mii can have a happy ending and meet someone new to have some wonderful times with!”

Ella is going to make a series of videos for Nintendo to plug a variety of games. Get started with the first – for ‘Tomodachi Life’ – which will initially make you think, ‘What does this have to do with a Nintendo game?’, then eventually you’ll think, ‘Oh right. Really?’ Watch here: