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NME print magazine is back from the dead (in Australia)

By | Published on Thursday 30 April 2020


Just when you thought you’d got used to the NME being dead (in print form, of course, only in print form), it’s back. In Australia, anyway. Although, apparently, the print NME mag is only on “hiatus” here in the UK too. I can barely cope with this rollercoaster.

It’s just over two years since the main UK print version of the NME was ditched (or placed on hiatus) in favour of a “digital-first strategy”.

Then, in December last year, the title launched an Australian version of its website, in order to better cater to all those Aussies who were accessing the main UK-based edition of the site. Now, in order to even better serve those people, there’s going to be a new monthly print magazine sold in Australia.

“Since the launch of our NME Australia site in December 2019, we’ve seen huge interest from fans, artists and the music industry, with half a million monthly Australian readers visiting for their music and pop culture fix”, says CEO of NME parent company BandLab Technologies, Meng Ru Kuok.

“While the print edition in the UK is still on hiatus, we decided there was nowhere better to re-introduce print than Australia”, he goes on. “It’s a big country with one of the most dynamic music scenes in the world right now, and, of course, there’s no better time than now, when people are seeking compelling content, engaging news and home-based entertainment”.

You could argue that the lockdown-induced need for home-based entertainment is a reason for focusing on online – indeed several print magazines have paused publication as a result of COVID-19. But I suppose if you want to ramp up your activity and you already have a website, then getting back to print is the only way.

Providing you can get that print out to people while the shops are shut. But they’ve thought of that. You sign up online and get it delivered in the mail.

The first issue will be popped in the post in mid-May, at a cost of AUS$9.72. You can take out a six month or year-long subscription too.