No new Strokes til 2011

By | Published on Monday 10 May 2010

The Strokes frontdude Julian Casablancas has told Clash that the band’s fourth album is taking longer than originally expected to record, but should be out at the start of next year. He said: “I think [it’ll be out in] January. I was told not to predict anymore. But I’m pretty sure it should be out in January”.

Regards inter-band relationships, he said that everyone is getting on just fine at the moment, but that it is when they go on tour things get fractious. He added: “I think time helped and more communication helped. We’ll see, it’s like ‘to be continued’. We’ll see if things are okay with the band when we’re on tour. When we’re not on tour, everyone’s super nice and chilled and it’s all great. It’s just when you go on tour that things get weird”.