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No Sepultura reunion either

By | Published on Tuesday 20 January 2009

More reunions that aren’t happening now, and this time it’s Sepultura. Ever since the band’s acrimonious split with frontman Max Cavalera in 1996, fans have hoped that the original line-up would get back together.

In 2007, when Cavalera’s brother Igor also left the band, and the pair formed a new band, Cavalera Conspiracy, that hope seemed even less likely, but Max recently hinted that a full reunion with their former band may soon be on the cards. However, Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser says that is absolutely not the case, and has branded Max “crazy”.

Kisser told “Max is crazy. He says crazy stuff in interviews, contradicts himself a lot and you can never count on what he says, so I guess people are confused… Since Max left, it’s been going on and when Igor left even more so. Some people make up the pressure for us to do it, but there’s nothing to it, we’re not interested in it all. We’re very focused on what we’re doing now and that’s because we want to lead and do whatever we want. I don’t understand all of this bullshit”.

Sepultura release their ninth album, ‘A-Lex’, a concept album based on ‘A Clockwork Orange’, via SPV on 23 Jan.