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“Non-political political party” The Party Party is real, insists Andrew WK

By | Published on Wednesday 6 April 2016

Andrew WK

I think we all quite reasonably looked at Andrew WK’s announcement that he was launching a new “non-political political party”, The Party Party, last week and assumed it was some sort of April Fool’s gag. Even though Andrew WK’s entire career has seemed like a string of April Fool’s gags. Which is why it should also come as no surprise that he is now insisting that it is genuine.

In a new statement, WK says: “First and foremost, The Party Party is absolutely real. For a long time now, I’ve pondered the possibility of somehow getting involved in governmental politics, but I wanted to find a way to participate without compromising my celebratory philosophy, or getting sucked into a whirlpool of traditional political career ambitions. I wanted to stay true to my vision of unifying joy, and still contribute something of value to the often distressing political landscape”.

He continued: “Could we participate in politics and at the same time transcend it? Could we address the fundamental aspects of our shared national experience without engaging in endless dissonance and conflict? Could we work towards the liberation of the human spirit without succumbing to the temptations of an ‘us versus them’ mentality? In other words, could we make a political party that put partying first and politics last? I thought it was time to try”.

Looking at the state of politics lately, it’s certainly an appealing option. Though since the launch last week, some have wondered if The Party Party is affiliated to any larger political organisation.

“The answer is no”, he confirmed. “While I do admit that I initially approached some people in the political sphere, they all declined my offers to get involved and said that The Party Party was an inappropriate project for them – one individual went so far as to say that this sort of effort was dangerous and a counterproductive distraction to their real work in government and the surrounding industry. We agreed to disagree and I didn’t attempt to involve any formal political organisations further. To be honest, I just don’t think they liked partying very much”.

The new party still awaits approval as an actual political organisation from the US State Department, something Andrew WK recognises may not be forthcoming. “Even if the State Department ultimately rejects our application, or if we aren’t given full access to the halls of government by the political powers that be, I remain absolutely confident that The Party Party will keep growing, and keep partying”, he said. “This is a mindset as much as it is a movement. This isn’t just about a certain time or a certain place or promoting a particular political agenda. This is about partying. And true partying doesn’t need to live in Washington DC or in some rigid institutional office – this party lives in our hearts and minds, our homes and streets”.

Find out more about The Party Party here, and watch the launch video here: