North East musicians unite for East Africa charity LP

By | Published on Tuesday 6 September 2011


The Futureheads, Field Music and Spokes are amongst the North Eastern rock sorts to feature on a compilation in aid of the Disaster Emergency Committee’s East Africa Crisis Appeal.

Proceeds from sales of the ‘NExEA’ LP will go directly to help those caught up in Africa’s present drought crisis, which is currently affecting over 10 million people across Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and the Republic of South Sudan.

Maximo Park man Paul Smith, who donated a solo track to the album, said this: “I saw the shocking footage from Eastern Africa on the news like many others will have done and I felt pretty helpless. I’m glad I was approached to contribute something because it’s an amazing cause. I hope my slightly dodgy demo might have enough charm to sit alongside the strong line-up of other North Eastern musicians and encourage people to buy a copy”.

If you’re feeling encouraged, buy a CD copy or the digital version. Or perhaps you’d like to ponder the track listing below first.

The Futureheads – Robot (A Capella Version)
Field Music – Repetition
Shields – Spires (Adrian Bushby Mix)
Age of Consent – Columns
Let’s Buy Happiness – Woodrings
Willy Mason & Spokes – Bossman
O’Messy Life – Cancellation Of The Constellation Programme 11.10.10
Mammal Club – Put Your Fears In Order (Alternative Version)
Here Comes Good Sailing – Johnathon The Obscure
The Lake Poets – Edinburgh
Lanterns on The Lake – You’re Almost There
Young Liar – Rose Banter Bruise
Waskerley Way – Hark, ’tis th’ Beaste Coaste
Warm Digits – Weapons Destruction
We Are Knuckle Dragger – Get The Horizon Yourself
Vinyl Jacket – Got The Badge
Paul Smith – A Perfect Foil
Symphonic Pictures – We All Come From Fire