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NTS launches fund-raising supporter scheme

By | Published on Thursday 2 July 2020

NTS Radio

Online radio station NTS yesterday launched a new supporter scheme that encourages listeners to pledge monthly or annual payments to support the organisation and its presenters.

An expansion of the previous NTS Friends scheme, the NTS Supporters programme will offer those who pledge anything from £2.99 a month a number of perks. Though the real sell is that supporters will be enabling the station to continue broadcasting an eclectic mix of programmes and music, without having to run ads or put content behind a paywall.

The station says that it is introducing the scheme “as part of a wider move towards a more sustainable model for the future”. In addition to supporting presenters, other monies will be used to cover costs associated with running NTS, including production and streaming costs, and the royalties it has to pay to the music industry.

In the past NTS has generated income through a combination of merchandise, ticketed events, brand partnerships and grant funding. The launch of NTS Supporters comes as a number of independent media look more to subscriptions and/or donations as a way of making money.

Launching the new programme, the broadcaster went on: “NTS is a global family of music lovers. We strive to broadcast diverse and unique music that excites, inspires and moves you. NTS is where eclecticism is celebrated and niche music takes centre stage. It’s where passionate people, not algorithms, play exceptional music that is hard to find anywhere else. All without on-air advertising”.

“However”, it added, “we need a more sustainable model to keep doing what we’re doing, and cover the high costs of music licensing, our streaming infrastructure and radio production. We believe the best way to achieve this is through listener support – we’d rather do this with you than anyone else”.