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Oasis welcome to reform without Noel Gallagher, says Noel Gallagher

By | Published on Wednesday 13 July 2016

Noel Gallagher

If the former members of Oasis, sans Noel Gallagher, would like to reform as Oasis, well, go the fuck ahead says he. “I’d pay to see that”, says Noel when asked by Rolling Stone about the rest of his former band reuniting as Oasis. “I think it’d be fucking interesting” he adds.

In fact, on the day he quit the band in 2009, he’d have been happy for brother Liam and the rest of the outfit to carry on as Oasis without him, which would have saved us all from that Beady Eye nonsense. “On the day that I left, they could have had the name if they’d have, en masse, called me up” he says. “I would have signed the name off to them but they didn’t”.

Liam has recently said he’d like a full-on Oasis reunion, but that Noel won’t play ball. “I get people going, ‘you will reform, you’ll definitely reform'”, continues the latter in the Rolling Stone interview. “And I’m like, ‘what makes you so sure?’ and they go, ‘you just will’. I’m like, ‘what the fuck, don’t be so fucking rude. Are you trying to Jedi mind trick me or what?'”

Adding that people then tell him that he’d “do it for the money”, he concedes that “I like money and I would do it for the money if I needed the money”, but here’s the but: “I don’t need the money”.

Elsewhere in the chat, Gallagher says that there’s no real downside to fame, though he’s no time for selfie-seeking fans. “I’m sick of fans asking for selfies”, he admits, “but I just tell them to go and fuck themselves”. But not on camera, presumably.