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Oh Land announces new album, Family Tree

By | Published on Wednesday 9 January 2019

Oh Land

Oh Land has announced that she will release her fifth studio album, ‘Family Tree’, later this year. The first single from it, ‘Human Error’, is out now.

“Since the release of my last album, I’ve experienced the biggest ups and downs of my private life”, she says. “Everything I’d been working on musically suddenly seemed unimportant and irrelevant to the new life I had to slowly piece together. So I ditched all the songs and recordings I had done and started writing from the uncertainty of where I was”.

“Music has, for me, always been the friend who listens and never judges”, she goes on. “As I have often found it, music is the best listener when you pour your heart out. In melody and music I’ve found some healing and the songs that have come out of it are deeply personal. I never planned to make this album, and yet the songs I’ve written couldn’t have been anything other than what’s here”.

‘Family Tree’ is scheduled for release on 3 May. You can watch Oh Land performing a live acoustic version of ‘Human Error’ here: