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Oh Land to release fourth album in March

By | Published on Tuesday 10 February 2015

Oh Land

Oh Land has announced that she will release her fourth album, ‘Earth Sick’, in the UK on 2 Mar.

Speaking about the inspiration for record Oh Land, aka Nanna Øland Fabricius, says: “When you are young, you have all these wonderful ideas of how you think the world works and a naivety that you can make a change. When you grow up you struggle to maintain this idealism and not let yourself get too frustrated with the complexities of life! ‘Earth Sick’ is an album that is written from a frustrated place. Frustrated with the fact that things in life aren’t black and white. People change and feelings change outside of our control. But still I strive to maintain the hope I had as a ten year old”.

She adds: “Lyrically, I express my frustration with everything from little daily problems, to questions like ‘what is my place on this earth?’ Sometimes I like to pretend that I’m an alien, coming from outside and experiencing everything for the first time, seeing the world in a new light”.

Watch the video for first single, ‘Head Up High’, here: