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On The CMU Stereo 2018 – Autumn

By | Published on Thursday 20 December 2018

Jon Hopkins

With the year nearly done and dusted and the festive break incoming, this week, we’ve been running down 40 of our favourite tracks of 2018, ten at a time, loosely grouped into seasons. Today we reveal our final list, as we come up to the present day and our autumn favourites. If you sign up to our ‘On The CMU Stereo 2018’ playlist on Spotify here, you can listen to all of these tracks and our winter, spring and summer choices now.

This final playlist features two artists we’ve already included this week, in the form of the Anna remix of Jon Hopkins’ ‘Singularity’. The original version of the Hopkins track was on our summer list, and Anna’s ‘Hidden Beauties’ appeared in our winter selection. Here they combine to show once again why they have been two of our favourite artists of this year.

These last ten tracks, I now realise, are actually almost all electronic of some kind, and together they show how strong that genre has been in its various forms this year. Worth singling out in particular is Marie Davidson, whose ‘Working Class Woman’ – a techno concept album about the producer’s state of mind during the year after she relocated from Montreal to Berlin – is one of the absolute highlights of 2018.

Here’s what’s on our autumn playlist:

Bliss Signal – Surge
Amnesia Scanner – AS AWOL
Beak> – Brean Down
Qrion – GAF
Lafawndah – Joseph
Marie Davidson – Your Biggest Fan
The Prodigy – Light Up The Sky
Jon Hopkins – Singularity (Anna Remix)
Grimes – We Appreciate Power (feat Hana)
Farai – National Gangsters

Listen to all ten tracks here.

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