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On the CMU stereo 2019 – Winter

By | Published on Tuesday 10 December 2019


Christmas is approaching fast and just behind it the year 2020. And so – as one year winds down – we turn our thoughts to the last twelve (or at least eleven and a half) months. Or, more specifically, the last twelve (or at least eleven and a half) months in music. That being our brief. And a whole lot less depressing that thinking about the last year in the wider world.

There has, as ever, been some phenomenal music released over the last nearly twelve months, and over the next couple of weeks we’re going to revisit 40 of our favourite tracks of the year, ten at a time, sorted roughly into the seasons when they were released.

For our first selection, we head back to winter and the beginning of 2019, with the earliest track in the chronologically organised list being one that went on to pretty much define the whole musical year – ‘Juice’ by Lizzo. Three albums into her career, it’s been heartening to finally see Lizzo tip over into the superstardom she’s always deserved, and with some of the greatest music she’s recorded to date.

Speaking of superstardom, Billie Eilish also makes the list here, her debut album ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’ having hit the shelves in January before going on to dominate, alongside Lizzo, for the rest of the year.

Some other highlights in the first batch (they’re all highlights, of course, that’s the point, but still) include Little Simz, the brilliant Snapped Ankles, and Self Esteem – the solo project of Rebecca Lucy Taylor, formerly of Slow Club – who was another artist to release an incredible debut album this year.

The music all speaks for itself though, listen to all ten tracks in this Spotify playlist here, and subscribe to get the other 30 dropped right into your headphones in the run up to Christmas.

Here’s what we’ve got on our winter 2019 playlist:

Lizzo – Juice
Little Simz – Offence
James Blake – Mile High (feat Travis Scott & Metro Boomin)
Yugen Blakrok – Picture Box
Billie Eilish – Bury A Friend
Ariana Grande – Bloodline
Lunatraktors – Black Raven
Snapped Ankles – Rechargeable
Self Esteem – Favourite Problem
Marina – Superstar

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