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One Direction announce alliance with Aussie supermarket

By | Published on Wednesday 5 June 2013

One Direction

One Direction have announced a partnership with Australian supermarket chain Coles which will stage an exclusive matinee concert with the boyband in October, tickets for which will be given away to the retail giant’s customers. It’s basically the Aussie equivalent of 1D forming an official alliance with ASDA. Which is probably just around the corner.

1D fans who shop at Coles (or, more likely, their parents, as you have to be over eighteen to enter the competition) will have to buy specially tagged brands from the supermarket – including healthy treats like Coca Cola and Cadbury chocolate bars – before the end of July to qualify to enter the draw for the 10,000+ tickets the retail firm is promising to dish out (to both the exclusive matinee show and other 1D gigs).

The One Direction boys have also recorded a short video (a full 21 seconds) for the Coles website plugging the competition. It’s not known if they also plan to cover Status Quo’s ‘Down Down’, a track regularly used by the pricing-cutting supermarket in its advertising in recent years. Or perhaps they could get their mate Ed Sheeran to pen them an original song for the tie-up. Something like, “Hey girl, is there anything we won’t do for the easy cash, of course not, of course not, we dig the easy cash”. Actually that’s quite good. I need to get myself a music publisher.