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One Direction boy posts picture of bandmate’s arse

By | Published on Thursday 12 July 2012

One Direction

So, when a photo allegedly showing Harry Styles from One Direction’s cock was doing the rounds on the good old internet recently, it turned out to be a fake. But what about the new picture of the group’s Louis Tomlinson’s arse?

Well, according to The Sun, that one, seemingly showing Tomlinson in the shower, was posted by bandmate Niall Horan to his Instagram account with the caption “next time lock the door, Lou”, so is probably the real deal. Which is good news for anyone sitting where the ‘1D fan’ and ‘bum fan’ Venn diagram intersects.

Though someone really ought to tell Horan that boy bands generally keep the arse photos aside ready for distribution alongside that tricky third album. Though perhaps he considers all of his publicity people to be a “shower of cunts”, and so wouldn’t listen anyway. Oh no, I forgot, he’s not using that word any more. Which is why he couldn’t caption his photo “Louis in the shower”.