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One Direction want more Sheeran for album two

By | Published on Tuesday 21 February 2012

One Direction

One Direction want more creative involvement in album number two, by which they mean they want Ed Sheeran to write it for them, because then they’ll have a “grungier sound”. Well, it’s a plan.

Sheeran did contribute some songs to the recording sessions for the X-Factor boyband’s first long player, and one of his tracks appears on the deluxe edition of that record I believe, but 1D-er Liam Payne reckons that if Ed was to work with him and his bandmates on more songs for album two then that could work out nicely.

Payne told the Daily Star: “Ed is such a talented guy. We spoke to him about helping again for the next album, which we want to actually write with him this time. He gave us almost a whole album of songs to choose from last time; there were so many of his songs that we wanted to record”.

Asked about the sound of that second record, Payne’s 1D bandmate Louis Tomlinson continued: “We want to take the next album into a different zone – more guitars and grungier. We like the sound of a real guitar on tour, we beefed up the live show so now we want to take it onto the album”.

Of course, while both Sheeran and the 1D boys will be at the BRITs tonight, the boy band will be otherwise fully occupied for the foreseeable by their bid to break America, which seems to be going pretty well by all accounts, the older end of the Bieber teen market seemingly perfectly primed for some more lacklustre pop tunes, but this time sung by boys who like talking about shagging and getting pissed. Of course they probably need to cash in quick on that crowd, before the teeny pop fans graduate on up to the next level, which is probably Chris ‘Fuck You’ Brown. Or maybe Odd Future.