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One Direction will reform one day maybe, says Liam Payne

By | Published on Monday 2 July 2018

Liam Payne

One Direction will definitely come off ‘hiatus’ at some point and be a world dominating pop machine once again. Or so says Liam Payne. Sort of. I mean, he’s hopeful of a reunion. Soon. One Day. Maybe. Who knows?

By which I mean Payne said “who knows?” I’d have thought if anyone knows it would be Payne himself. It’s not clear ‘who’ he means by ‘who’ when he says ‘who’.

“My album comes out at the end of the year and then I’m going on tour in 2019”, the one time 1Der told the Daily Star last week when asked about any upcoming One Direction plans. And as if an album and a tour aren’t enough, he then teased a TV project that may or may not be in the pipeline. A talent show judging type TV project.

“It’s amazing that we’re [all] doing our own thing”, he said of his former bandmates. “And then, hopefully one day soon, we get back together and have another great time of it, who knows?”

Is this me opening a new Spice Girls-style file of non-committal, vague, ambiguous, one-day-maybe One Direction reunion commitments that aren’t really reunion commitments just to fill the CMU Daily on quiet news days? Who knows?

Still, better non-stories about non-reunions than invading poor Payne’s private life with a report on him splitting up with Cheryl Tweedy, right?