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One Liners: 7digital, KRU Music, SoundCloud, more

By | Published on Monday 22 March 2021



B2B music provider 7digital has struck a deal to provide Chinese video-based social media service Kuaishou with licensed music. “This long-term contract expands 7digital’s footprint in this high-growth sector, making us one of the largest providers of licensed music to global social media giants and tech-driven consumer brands”, says 7digital CEO Paul Langworthy. “This latest partnership exemplifies the breadth and depth of our capabilities and is expected to be a significant contributor to our revenue growth in this market segment”.

Malaysian indie label KRU Music has partnered with Warner’s artist and label services division ADA which will market and distribute its artists’ music across South East Asia and worldwide. “With this collaboration, KRU Music and our artists can leverage Warner’s size and strength to ensure our music will be more visible on hundreds of streaming platforms aiding its discovery by their users”, says KRU CEO Dato Norman Abdul Halim. “This will give us more time and energy to focus on other aspects such as the songs, the videos and engaging with our fans”.



SoundCloud has named Drew Wilson as its new COO and CFO. COFO? Anyway, he says: “I am THRILLED to have the opportunity to join SoundCloud on expanding the company’s strategic vision and operational effectiveness. SoundCloud is well suited to grow and serve its young artist and listener community while taking advantage of new opportunities and changes in the market”.

Temi Adeniji has been appointed to the combined role of Managing Director of Warner Music South Africa and SVP, Strategy, Sub-Saharan Africa. “The world is waking up to the rich and diverse talent present in myriad thriving music scenes across the [African] continent”, he says. “As this increasingly interconnected digital world continues to remove barriers to music discovery, there is no doubt that in the years ahead we will continue to see even more global superstars from Africa”.



Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes and violinist Wendy Bevan have released their debut album together, ‘Astronomia I: The Fall Of Saturn’. From it, this is ‘The Great Attractor’. There’s more to come, with the duo recording 52 instrumentals inspired by the universe over the last year. “Merging the drama and moods of classical music with the textures and atmospheres of analogue synthesisers created the rich palette of sounds that we used to make the ‘Astronomia’ albums”, says Rhodes. “Each track is like a sonic painting, where different styles, colours and composition form singular pieces that belong in the same exhibition”.

George McFall has released new mixtape ‘Diurnal Patio’, a six track release created entirely from samples of tracks recorded by Big Country. They were McFall’s favourite band as a child, when his family moved from the south of England to Scotland, with him using their music to help him through that upheaval. As an adult, he rediscovered those albums and “a melancholic sense of longing” in their music. Using this, he created new songs, covering topics such as Scotland, the North, post-industrialism, globalisation, tourism, addiction and mental health.

Sarah Klang will release her new album ‘Virgo’ on 7 May. Here’s latest single ‘Anywhere’.



Westlife will play two shows at Wembley Stadium on 21-22 Aug, becoming the first major music act to play the venue in over two years. “The Wembley weekend is going to be a massive celebration”, reckon the band. “It will be full of surprises and special guests on both nights. It is not to be missed”.

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