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One Liners: Ariana Grande, Courtney Barnett, Lykke Li, more

By | Published on Friday 20 April 2018

Ariana Grande

Other notable announcements and developments today…

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• Ariana Grande is back. This morning she released new single, ‘No Tears Left To Cry’.*

• Courtney Barnett has released new single, ‘City Looks Pretty’. Taken from her upcoming new album ‘Tell Me How You Really Feel’, it will also be available on fashionable twelve-inch for Record Store Day tomorrow.

• Lykke Li has announced that she will release her new album, ‘So Sad, So Sexy’, on 8 Jun. She’s already put out two tracks, ‘Deep End’ and ‘Hard Rain’. Neither is being made available for Record Store Day.

• Daughter have released a live version of ‘All I Want’. That’s another Record Store Day thing. Record Store Day is tomorrow.

• Jeff Ament off of Pearl Jam has released the video for non-Record Store Day affiliated new solo single ‘Safe In The Car’. For efficiency, he’s just calling himself Ament for this. The song has Angel Olsen on it too. Or maybe just Olsen.

• Andrew WK has released a video for ‘Music Is Worth Living For’. No Record Store Day connection.

• Yizzy has released the video for latest single ‘Bap’. It’s not being made available for Record Store Day, although you will be able to watch the video tomorrow (which is when Record Store Day is).

• Teleman have released new single ‘Submarine Life’. I thought it might be a Record Store Day thing, but I just checked again and it’s not.

• Flasher are not releasing anything for Record Store Day. They have announced that they will release a new album, ‘Constant Image’, on 8 Jun. But not on Record Store Day. To be absolutely clear, there will not be a Flasher release for tomorrow’s Record Store Day. Please do not go to your local record store expecting to find one. Here’s their new single ‘Pressure’ as a consolation.

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*Nothing to do with Record Store Day

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