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One Liners: Big Deal, Dua Lipa, PartyNextDoor, more

By | Published on Friday 27 March 2020

Dua Lipa


Music publisher Big Deal has promoted both Ashley Alexander and Amber Packer to the position of Senior Creative Director. “Ashley and Amber are both incredible success stories who’ve grown along with the company, making a huge difference in our songwriters’ careers”, says CEO Kenny MacPherson. “They are very deserving of these promotions and I’m looking forward to them continuing to make valuable contributions as we grow this company”.



Dua Lipa has released the video for ‘Break My Heart’, taken from her new album ‘Future Nostalgia’, which is out today.

PartyNextDoor has released new single ‘Believe It’, featuring Rihanna. His new album, ‘Partymobile’, was released last night.

Major Lazer have released new single ‘Lay Your Head On Me’, featuring Marcus Mumford.

Nine Inch Nails have released two new records in their ‘Ghosts’ series of instrumental albums. Both are available to download for free from the NIN website. In a tweet announcing the release, Trent Reznor promised “hours and hours of music … some of it kind of happy, some not so much”.

Hailee Steinfeld has released new single ‘I Love You’s’. “After going through a breakup, I decided I needed time to focus on myself and heal without the distractions of another relationship”, she says. “There’s something really empowering about deciding what’s best for you and putting yourself first. That’s what this record is about”.

Trivium have released ‘What The Dead Men Say’, the title track of their new album, which is due out on 24 Apr through Roadrunner. “We always take seriously which song becomes the title track because it represents the album’s musical themes and ambition”, says bassist Paolo Gregoletto. “‘What The Dead Men Say’ started off as two separate demos but emerged from the writing session as one epic tune. This is a riff beast!”

Braids have released new single ‘Snow Angel’. They’ve also announced that they are postponing the release of their new album, ‘Shadow Offering’, to 19 Jun.

Perfume have released the video for ‘Challenger’, one of the newly recorded tracks that appeared on last year’s ‘P Cubed’ best of compilation.

Teitur has released new single ‘Clara’. “I [wrote this song] with [US singer-songwriter] Griffin House in his garage in Nashville, Tennessee”, he says. “We were playing guitars and goofing around with songs for our band called Otis Redneck, when Griffin’s four year old daughter Clara was riding around on her bike dressed in a SWAT team suit. We skipped what we were working on and described her in a song instead”. His new EP, ‘Modera Era’, is set for release next month.

Bryde has released new single ‘Silence’. “It feels strangely timely”, she says of the song’s release. “Before the eerie stillness of a pandemic took hold I was looking for a way to calm the noise in my mind. ‘Silence’ is about finding the things that will quiet our noisy minds during this anxious yet unusually quiet time”. Her new album, ‘The Volume Of Things’, is out on Easy Life Records on 29 May.

Rapper Mikano has released the video for ‘Fuego’ from his debut mixtape ‘Melting Balloons’.

Orchards have released the video for ‘Magical Thinking’ from their debut album ‘Lovecore’. Say the band: “Mental health as a conversation topic is more important than ever and this track is our anthem of hope and validation. This track is for anyone who has suffered and who has ever felt lost. You are never alone and asking for help is never shameful. Let the joy in this track bring you a little love and happiness. It’s a party song, so dance around your bedroom and release some endorphins”.

Ellis has released new single ‘Saturn Return’ ahead of the release of her debut album ‘Born Again’ next week. ‘Saturn Return’, she explains, “is an astrological term for the time in your life where Saturn literally returns to the same place in its orbit that it was the moment you were born. The first one happens in your late 20s, and it’s a time of radical transformation. I am in mine now and have been feeling it big time! I wrote this record while reflecting on all the ways my life is changing, reconciling things from the past and making space to move forward”.

Visual artist Kesh has turned to music and released her debut single ‘Not Gaan Out’.

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