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One Liners: Christina Aguilera, Apple, John Legend, more

By | Published on Wednesday 1 June 2022

Christina Aguilera


Apple has added a new Shazam guide to music venues and clubs in London to its Maps app. Presumably there are more of these planned for other cities.



Venue operator ASM Global has appointed Sam Ryder (not the Eurovision singer) as General Manager of the York Barbican. He joins from another ASM operated venue, the Bonus Arena in Hull, where he was Head Of Operations. “I am delighted to be joining York Barbican and furthering my career with ASM Global”, says Ryder. “I’m looking forward to continuing the success of the venue which has been expertly led by Darren Moore, we’re also making plans to improve hospitality provision, and of course bringing top UK and international events to the great city of York”.



Christina Aguilera has released new album ‘Aguilera’, which brings together the two Spanish language EPs she’s released this year, plus new track ‘Cuando Me Dé la Gana’, featuring Christian Nodal.

Vory has released new track ‘Daylight’, featuring Kanye West.

Jungle are back with two new songs, ‘Good Times’ and ‘Problemz’.

Will Butler has also released two new songs – his first since leaving Arcade Fire – ‘A Stranger’s House’ and ‘Nearer To Thee’.

What So Not has teamed up with Killer Mike and Oliver Tree for new track ‘Mr Regular’. “It’s one of the biggest songs I’ve ever been part of, tied up in red tape for too long”, says the producer. “‘Mr Regular’ is about the difficulty that we face through our childhood and career progression as clueless superior figures try to control and shape our path”.

Working Men’s Club have released new single ‘Ploys’. The band’s new album, ‘Fear Fear’, is out on 15 Jul. “The first album was mostly a personal documentation lyrically, this is a blur between personal and a third-person perspective of what was going on”, says frontman Syd Minsky-Sargeant. “I like the contrast of it being happy, uplifting music and really dark lyrics”.

Buzzcocks will release new album ‘Sonics In The Soul’ on 23 Sep – their first since 2014 and first since the death of vocalist Pete Shelley in 2018, with Steve Diggle taking on full frontman duties.

Sean Nicholas Savage has released new single ‘Streets Of Rage’. “It’s about the glimmering eye of a seagull eating trash, or a cat on the fire escape, from another being, in another world, that glimmer of hope, the glimmer of life”, he says. His new album, ‘Shine’, is out on 22 Jul.

Thoughtcrimes – featuring ex Dillinger Escape Plan drummer Billy Rhymer – have released new single ‘Panopticon’. “Lyrically, it outlines the attempt to wake up from dreams of a highly medicated, futuristic, dystopian setting”, says vocalist Rick Pepa.

Cumgirl8 have released new single ‘Dumb Bitch’.



John Legend has announced a second show at the Royal Albert Hall in London on 6 Apr, with the first taking place the night before. Tickets are on sale now.

Cassyette has announced UK tour dates in September, starting at Cathouse in Glasgow on 9 Sep and finishing at London’s Islington Academy on 20 Sep. Tickets are on sale now.

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