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One Liners: Economics Of Streaming, Vevo, Max Richter, more

By | Published on Thursday 18 February 2021

Houses Of Parliament


Artist marketing and distribution platform Beatchain has announced a partnership with Downtown’s rights administration service Songtrust, providing users of the former with 20% off the registration fee for the latter. “You could look at it as a one-two punch in moving from unknown artist to full-time professional musician”, says Beatchain CTO Luke Mendoza, slightly overstating things.



Audoo, a start-up employing audio ID technology to monitor music being played in public spaces, has hired former Shazam and LyricFind exec Will Mills as its new Chief Commercial Officer. “I’m delighted to be joining Audoo at this huge growth stage for the company in its mission to revolutionise performance royalties”, he says.



Spotify, Apple and Amazon will face MPs in the next select committee hearing on the economics of streaming, which should be fun. Digital And Culture Minister Caroline Dinenage will also appear; she will likely be asked about possible copyright reforms, especially in light of the government’s decision not to implement the EU Copyright Directive, despite the UK music industry lobbying so hard for those reforms in Europe. It all takes place on 23 Feb at 3.15pm.

Vevo has launched something called ‘Moods’. Oh, that sounds nice! Yeah, it’s “an AI-powered product that identifies and groups Vevo music videos by mood for more effective ad targeting”. Oh. “With Moods, we can not only curate Vevo programming to better match a person’s mood, but we can also directly ensure advertisers that their campaigns are more meaningful and impactful in the same way that we guarantee a high-quality, brand-safe environment”, says Vevo’s Kevin McGurn. “Therefore, it’s the logical step that we have synergy between the ad creative and the mood it evokes with the music video it surrounds”. Fuck you all.



Max Richter has announced his second album based on the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, titled ‘Voices 2’. “A document like the Declaration is very challenging because, while it is full of potential, and an extraordinarily wise and impressive piece of writing and thinking, it’s also largely unrealised”, he says of where this new album takes the project. “So we mostly think about the ways in which we’ve failed to achieve what it sets out to do. There is a melancholia about it in some ways”. The album is out on 9 Apr. From it, this is ‘Mirrors’.

Arab Strap have released new single ‘Here Comes Comus!’, which comes accompanied by a dark and disturbing video. The track is taken from the duo’s new album, ‘As Days Get Dark’, which is out on 5 Mar.

Iceage have announced that they will release new album ‘Seek Shelter’ on 7 May. From it, this is new single ‘Vendetta’.

Man On Man, featuring Faith No More’s Roddy Bottum, have announced that they will release their eponymous debut album on 7 May. From it, this is ‘1983’. They’ve also launched LGBTQIA+ community project Chosen Family.

Barbarossa has released new single ‘Hide’. “While making this album, I realised how, when you let go and show your vulnerability, you get so much back”, he says of the album on which this track appears. “I’m definitely guilty of hiding [vulnerability], I guess I’m afraid that if I show my true self people might not like what they see. I’m less afraid of this now and much happier for it”. That new album, ‘Love Here Listen’, is out on 5 Mar.

Hamferð have released a live performance of their song ‘Frosthvarv’, filmed on a roundabout in an undersea tunnel – that being the sort of thing they have in the Faroe Islands.

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