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One Liners: Gorillaz, Distrokid, Editors, more

By | Published on Thursday 1 September 2022



Talent agency UTA has signed Indian singer, songwriter and producer AP Dhillon. As well as bigging up Dhillon’s recent touring activity in a statement confirming the deal, the agency also says it will “help him find new opportunities across brands, film, television and other verticals”.

Downtown-owned music distributor FUGA has announced two new partnerships: with Berlin-based artist management and label services agency Odyssey Music Network and Vienna-based label and management company Phat Penguin. FUGA’s Head Of Business Development for the Germany, Switzerland and Austria region, Curt Keplin, says: “We’re excited to be working with such credible, groundbreaking companies who support and nurture independent German and Austrian artists, providing FUGA’s extensive services to create more global opportunities for their roster of talent”.



DIY distributor Distrokid has announced a new free tool called the Spotify Canvas Generator, which will help artists create the short looping videos that can be placed alongside tracks on the Spotify platform. “Tracks that have a Canvas improve the listener experience on Spotify and result in increased engagement”, reckons Amanda Ferri, VP Marketing at DistroKid. “DistroKid’s vast new video library makes it easy for our members to create unlimited unique Canvases for any or all of their tracks”.



Gorillaz have announced that they will release new album ‘Cracker Island’ on 23 Feb. “’Cracker Island’ is the sound of change and the chorus of the collective”, says guitarist Noodle. Guests on the record include Stevie Nicks, Adeleye Omotayo, Thundercat, Bad Bunny and Beck. Here’s new single ‘New Gold’, featuring Tame Impala and Bootie Brown.

Editors have released new single ‘Vibe’. Frontman Tom Smith says the song “takes up where [2019 single] ‘Frankenstein’ left off, and is a hymn celebrating the night, and all that thrives in the dark”. The band’s new album, ‘EBM’, is out on 23 Sep.

Connie Constance has released new single ‘Mood Hoover’. Her new album, ‘Miss Power’, is set for release on 4 Nov.

Haai has released new single ‘Biggest Mood Ever’, featuring Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor. “[Haai] and I wanted to make a song together and kept excitedly talking about it”, says Taylor. “I expected a techno banger but was so pleased that she sent this transcendental hyperballad. This song may crush you emotionally, if you are open to it”. Haai is also set to play EartH in London on 4 Nov.

Cryalot – aka Kero Kero Bonito’s Sarah Bonito – has released new single ‘Labyrinth’. She says of the song: “’Labyrinth’ is a song about hope and our ability to dream even when we are trapped in our own reality. The track draws parallels between the myth of Icarus and the confines of our own emotional landscapes”. Her debut EP, ‘Icarus’, is out this Friday, and she will play Electrowerkz in London on 15 Sep.

Khruangbin and guitarist Vieux Farka Touré have shared new single ‘Tongo Barra’, taken from their upcoming collaborative album ‘Ali’, which is out on 23 Sep.

San Soucis has released new single ‘All Over This Party’. “This song is a way for me to reclaim my power in an environment that very often misgenders, abuses and stigmatises femme presenting people”, they say. “I’m non-binary and my gender identity is fluid. I wanted to celebrate this awareness by literally summoning my friends who have been such an inspiration for me in this journey”.

Off! have released new single ‘Kill To Be Heard’. The band’s new album, ‘Free LSD’, is out on 30 Sep.



Fujiya & Miyagi have announced UK tour dates next month, winding up at Oslo in London on 21 Oct. Their new album, ‘Slight Variations’, is out on 30 Sep.

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