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One Liners: Gorillaz, Machine Gun Kelly & Travis Barker, RZA, more

By | Published on Monday 8 June 2020



Gorillaz have launched a new initiative, Be The Change, in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. As well as a comprehensive list of resources, they are selling Be The Change merch, with proceeds going to the Black Curriculum black history education charity.



Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker have covered Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Killing In The Name’. “They wrote this song in 1992”, says the rapper. “It’s been 28 years since, and every word still applies”.

RZA has released new track ‘Be Like Water’, paying tribute to Bruce Lee. “Bruce Lee’s teachings extended beyond physical martial arts”, says the producer. “He was full of philosophy and mindfulness. His quote ‘be water, my friend’ is profound and multi-tiered in definition. It inspires the idea that in adapting to life situations, sometimes we have to flow smoothly as a stream, while other times we have to crash like a tsunami”.

Pearl Jam released the uncensored version of the video for their 1992 single ‘Jeremy’ to mark National Gun Violence Awareness Day in the US on Friday. The song – from their debut album ‘Alive’ – was inspired by the real life story of Jeremy Wade Delle, who shot himself in front of his high school English class.

IAMDDB has released new single ‘Quarantine’. It is, she says, “for all the hearts filled with love. Fear only rules your heart if you allow it and right now is a time to embrace love instead of running from it”.

The Levellers have released new single ‘Burning Hate Like Fire’. “It sounds like a big pop tune until you really start listening to it”, says bassist Jeremy Cunningham. “Then it’s, ‘That’s a bit uncomfortable’. It’s quite a subversive song”. The band’s new album, ‘Peace’, is out on 14 Aug.

Asian Dub Foundation have released new single ‘Swarm’. The release of their new album, ‘Access Denied’, has now been pushed back to 18 Sep.

Mushroomhead have released new single ‘The Heresy’. Their new album, ‘A Wonderful Life’, is out on 18 Jun.

Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante has released the third album from his Trickfinger acid house project, ‘She Smiles Because She Presses The Button’.

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