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One Liners: Guns N Roses, Gaika, Årabrot, more

By | Published on Friday 18 August 2023



Have Guns N Roses released a new single? Perhaps. No, they have. It’s called ‘Perhaps’.

Kristen Hersh has released new single ‘Constance Street’. “I lived on Constance Street in New Orleans when that song’s story happened”, she says. “Buying slips in the Irish Channel/broken prince in fluorescent camo is a very southern day. I was born a hick and I guess I’ll always be one”. Her new album ‘Clear Pond Road’ is out on 8 Sep.

Gaika has released new single ‘Gunz’. His new album ‘Drift’ is out on 8 Sep.

Kojaque has released new single ‘Cabra Drive’.

Årabrot have released new single ‘Horrors Of The Past’. “We were out driving and hit and killed a cat. Its fur covered the windshield”, says the duo’s Kjetil Nernes of the inspiration for the song. “It was brutal. I had a vision of a metaphysical journey through a storm of animal fur. I couldn’t see a thing until symbols and memories of the past suddenly emerged in front of me. I was working my way out of a nightmarish past”. New album ‘Of Darkness And Light’ is set for release on 13 Oct.