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One Liners: JLS, Brad Paisley, Nathan Fake, more

By | Published on Thursday 23 February 2023



Country star Brad Paisley has left Sony Music’s Arista Nashville label, where he has been for nearly 25 years, and moved over to Universal Music’s EMI Nashville. The move sees him reunited with former Arista execs Mike Dungan and Cindy Mabe. “There were two people that should get the credit that you even know my name – Mike Dungan and Cindy Mabe”, says Paisley. “It’s an amazing thing to work with Mike and Cindy again. It’s great to know they believe in this music as much as I do”.

Reservoir has acquired the recording and song catalogues of jazz saxophonist Sonny Rollins. “I’m happy that Reservoir will be helping to maintain my musical legacy, which was created in concert with so many great musicians I’m proud to be associated with”, he says.



Warner Music’s ADA Worldwide has appointed Cathy Bauer as Head Of Physical Sales & Marketing. She joins from ABKCO. “With this move, we’re doubling down on our efforts to get physical product from independent artists to fans in an efficient and plentiful way”, says President Cat Kreidich. “And when we say physical product, it’s not just CDs or vinyl – it’s anything tangible that strengthens the artist-to-fan connection. The possibilities are endless, and Cathy will play a huge role in helping us innovate, building out what our future in the direct-to-consumer space looks like”.

Range Media Partners has appointed Joel Zimmerman as a partner in its music division. “I believe the best and most forward-thinking cultural platform for music talent is at Range”, he says. “The team’s ability to mobilise with very high-level resources, combined with a truly amazing company culture, makes for the best breeding ground to turn the biggest dreams into reality. I am so excited to be building at Range and to make a positive impact on the continuously evolving industry”.



Nathan Fake will release new album ‘Crystal Vision’ on 7 Apr. Out now is new track ‘The Grass’, featuring Wizard Apprentice. “I fell in love with Wizard Apprentice’s ‘I Am Invisible’ and felt our musical styles were similar”, says Fake. “Their vocals are smooth and clear and sharp at the same time. They’re like a calm within the storm”.

Paul Simonon and Galen Ayers have launched new project Galen & Paul with the single ‘Lonely Town’. Their debut album ‘Can We Do Tomorrow Another Day?’ will be out on 19 May.

Overmono have released new single ‘Calling Out’. “We’ve had these chords written for quite a while now and could never find quite the right context for them”, say the duo. “One night we were procrastinating in the studio, mostly just drinking and slamming some Casisdead and Slowthai tracks. Then we had a bit of a eureka moment and realised it might have been the type of sound we were looking to go with alongside that chord progression, so we stayed up all night and finally got it done”. Their debut album ‘Good Lies’ is out on 12 May.

Susanne Sundfør has released two new songs ‘Alyosha’ and ‘Leikara Ljóð’, which are both taken from her new album ‘Blómi’, which is set for release on 28 Apr.

Fake Names – featuring members of Minor Threat, Refused and Girls Versus Boys – have released new single ‘Can’t Take It’. Their second album ‘Expendables’ is out on 3 Mar.

Sprints have released new single ‘Literary Mind’, their first since signing to City Slang. “It was a pen spilling on to paper moment and a very honest account of forming a new and long lasting relationship”, says the band’s Karla Chubb of the song. “It’s a real deep dive and exploration into the feeling of falling in love, particularly queer love”.

Softcult have shared new single ‘Love Song’. “This is an anxious love song”, says the duo’s Mercedes Arn-Horn. “It’s about loving someone so intensely that you find yourself in constant fear of losing them. These gnawing thoughts can get in the way of us allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, or enjoying our relationships for fear that they won’t last”. New EP ‘See You In The Dark’ is out on 23 Mar and they will be touring the UK in April.

Creams has released new single ‘Need To Talk’. “This song is like a journey through my feelings and the chaos in my head”, she says. “This is a raw and honest look at the fight against my inner demons. Are you here alone or with your support system?”

Sorry Girls have put out new single ‘Prettier Things’ and announced that they will release new album ‘Bravo’ on 2 Jun. “This song is about the power of honesty, especially being honest with yourself”, say the duo. “On the one hand it’s kind of criticising the idea of hiding behind prettier truths and pretending you’re okay when you’re not, on the other hand it’s also saying it’s okay to move on to better things and that only you can know and decide”.



JLS have announced UK and Ireland arena tour dates in October and November this year, including two nights at the O2 Arena in London on 9-10 Nov. “We couldn’t be more excited to announce another UK and Ireland arena tour”, say the group. ”Last time out [in 2021] was totally surreal and we’ve been eagerly awaiting the right time to do it all over again. Playing live and seeing our amazing fans is definitely the best part of being JLS!” Tickets go on general sale on 3 Mar.

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