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One Liners: Jpegmafia & Danny Brown, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Ragz Originale, more

By | Published on Tuesday 14 March 2023

Jpegmafia & Danny Brown


Chrysalis Records has signed a new agreement with Secretly Distribution covering all physical and digital distribution for the label. “I have long been an admirer of the Secretly Group of companies and the incredible music that they release on their various labels”, says Chrysalis CEO Jeremy Lascelles. “So, when the moment came to reappraise our global distribution arrangements, it was clear to us that there was no better possible partner”.



Beatport is launching a Web3 digital collectible marketplace. Are people still doing that? Apparently so. Probably about time we got some new buzzwords. It’s a partnership with blockchain network Polkadot. “To usher in a new era for the electronic music space, we felt it was important to join forces with a trusted, long-time leader in the blockchain space”, says SVP of Beatport’s Media Group Ed Hill. “Polkadot’s open and interoperable ecosystem enables us to seamlessly tap into Web3 and celebrate electronic music by connecting fans with their favourite artists in unique and powerful new ways”. You can sign up for early access here, if that’s the sort of thing you like.



That new music industry event that’s due to take place in Manchester in October was formally launched at SXSW in Texas yesterday. Called Beyond The Music and described as “the world’s first change-making music conference and festival”, the aim is to identify and debate key issues facing the music industry, and to consider and facilitate solutions. The venture has been established as a cooperative which, organisers hope, means a diverse mix of people from across the entire music community will be able to participate. It has been co-founded by Oli Wilson, son of the late Tony Wilson, who – of course – ran the big Manchester-based festival and conference In The City back in the day. Info here.



Jpegmafia and Danny Brown have announced that they will release collaborative album ‘Scaring The Hoes’ on 24 Mar. From it, this is ‘Lean Beef Patty’.

Ahead of the release of new album ‘V’ this Friday, Unknown Mortal Orchestra have released new single ‘Meshuggah’.

Ragz Originale has released new single ‘Troublin’. He says of the track: “’Troublin’ is the ultimate voice of paranoia. There’s two sides to every disaster, you ever thought what happens in your mind once you’re caught out? Well this is a point of view you don’t hear too often in a song, and of course I kept the bassline jumpin to ease the message. This is the first song I recorded for my new album, it definitely sets the narrative!”

Temples have released new single ‘Afterlife’, taken from new album ‘Exotico’, which is out on 14 Apr. “As we were putting the [album] tracklist together we envisioned a jet or spaceship arriving on the island and then some sort of journey across this imagined place”, says the band’s Thomas Walmsley. “By the second half of the record we’re moving into twilight, and ‘Afterlife’ is definitely one of the evening tracks”.

Art School Girlfriend has announced that she will release her second album ‘Soft Landing’ on 4 Aug. Out now is new single ‘Close To The Clouds’. “I wanted it to embody the energy of the music I spent a lot of my teenage years and early 20s listening to”, she says. “It’s about reflecting on the winding path to contentment, having finally figured out how to find it”.

Lambrini Girls have released new single ‘White Van’. “This one goes out to all of the cis men with their dick out behind the wheel, screaming at us in the street without consequence”, say the duo. “You’re an idiot and no one wants to fuck you”. Their debut EP ‘You’re Welcome’ is out on 19 May.

Technology + Teamwork have released new single ‘You Saw Something In Me’, ahead of the arrival of their debut album ‘We Used To Be Friends’ this Friday. “We’d just bought these vocal effect units that pitched our voices down”, says the duo’s Anthony Silvester of writing the track. “We found it hilarious. Every time I sang ‘oh baby’ Sarah would start laughing, so I kept doing it. The song’s about that rush you get when someone believes in you, and that’s how I felt in that basement, just the two of us, making each other laugh”.

Æ Mak has released new single ‘Shimmer Boy’. “I headed over to Berlin for a couple of months late 2021 and this was the first song I made there”, she says. “I didn’t have a mic that week so I just recorded the vocals and harmonica with the laptop mic and leaned into that nostalgic indie sound. The lyrics are made up of a stream of texts between me and Shimmer Boy himself. The start of a bit of magic. We both live in Berlin now”.



Interpol have announced UK tour dates in May and June, kicking off at the Brighton Dome on 28 May. Tickets go on general sale on Friday.

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