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One Liners: Killer Mike, Anohni And The Johnson, Georgia, more

By | Published on Wednesday 14 June 2023

Killer Mike


Killer Mike has released new single ‘Scientists & Engineers’, featuring André 3000, Future and Eryn Allen Kane. His new solo album ‘Michael’ is out this Friday.

Anohni And The Johnsons have released new single ‘Sliver Of Ice’. “A friend of mine expressed to me in the final months of his life that the simplest sensations had begun to feel almost rapturous”, says Anon. “A carer had placed a shard of ice on his tongue one day and it was such a sweet and unbelievable feeling that it caused him to weep with gratitude. He was a hardcore kind of guy and these moments were transforming the way he was seeing things. I wrote ‘Sliver of Ice,’ remembering those words of his”. New album ‘My Back Was A Bridge For You To Cross’ is out on 7 Jul.

Georgia has released new single ‘Give It Up For Love’. Her new album ‘Euphoric’ is out on 28 Jul.

The Hives have released new single ‘Countdown To Shutdown’. What’s it all about? Well, that’s what frontman Howlin Pelle Almqvist asks: “The countdown to the financial collapse? The countdown to the weekend bender you’ve been waiting for? The countdown to your favourite sports competition? The Hives have you covered with ‘Countdown To Shutdown’. A versatile banger for all your summer rock needs. Approximately 37% more effective than the closest competitor and sure to help your Q2 and Q3 results. Buy now and watch the stock rise!” The band’s new album, ‘The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons’, is out on 11 Aug.

Devendra Banhart is set to release new album ‘Flying Wig’ on 22 Sep. Out now is new single ‘Twin’. He’s also set to play London’s Troxy on 15 Nov.

Divorce have released new single ‘Birds’. “I was carrying a lot of insecurity that felt like it was piling in on me from all angles but this song was an attempt to reshape those feelings into something positive”, says the band’s Felix Mackenzie-Barrow. “I wanted to remind myself and all of us in the band how much belief we have in each other and in the truth of what we’re doing together”.

Allah-Las have announced that they will release new album ‘Zuma 85’ on 13 Oct. Out now is new single ‘The Stuff’. Say the band: “‘The Stuff’ is a tongue-in-cheek ode to rock tropes and nostalgic sentiments in the music world, including stereotypes of musicians and various trends in music. This is sonically embodied with vocoder, guitar solos, and a steady, driving rhythm”. And if you’re sitting there thinking that they definitely won’t be touring the UK in September, well you’re wrong, because they are.

Katie von Schleicher is back with new single ‘Elixir’, featuring Lady Lamb.

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