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One Liners: Monique Lawz, Hayley Kiyoko, BTS, more

By | Published on Thursday 27 June 2019

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Singer-songwriter Monique Lawz has bagged herself a Warner Chappell publishing deal, to go with the Warner Records contract she signed earlier this year. “I’m so pleased”, she says. Upcoming now is a single with US rapper Roddy Ricch.

Kobalt has signed a worldwide publishing deal with Hayley Kiyoko. “I’ve been a believer of hers for the last decade and we’re THRILLED to welcome her to the Kobalt family”, says the company’s Jamie Kinelski.



Following the success of last year’s ‘Burn The Stage: The Movie’, BTS have announced that they will release another concert film in cinemas this August. ‘Bring The Soul: The Movie’ will follow the band on their European tour. You’ll be able to see it on the big screen on 7 Aug. If that’s the sort of thing that sounds like fun to you. More info here.

Madonna has released the video for ‘God Control’ from her ‘Madame X’ album. In it she graphically makes the point that accepting mass shootings as a normal part of life is a bit weird.

Jack Antonoff has announced a new project with singer Sam Dew and producer Sounwave, called Red Hearse. They’re just released two songs from an album due out later this year. Here’s ‘Red Hearse’, and here’s ‘Honey’.

Ellie Goulding and Juice Wrld have released a new single together called ‘Hate Me’. “I love how this song is a bit tongue in cheek”, says Goulding. “It’s definitely lyrically different to most of my other songs but it’s fun to play around a bit”. Yeah, fun for her, maybe.

Cardi B has released the video for recent single ‘Press’. The video sees her sent to prison – and is released just as court proceedings begin over assault charges that may actually see her serve jail time. Hopefully her real life court hearing doesn’t go down quite like the one in the video.

Sigrid has released the video for new single ‘Mine Right Now’, which director Max Siedentopf is boldly calling “the Fyre Festival of music videos”.

The LaFontaines have released the video for ‘Switch Out The Light’ from their new album, ‘Junior’. “Visually it’s the darkest video we’ve ever created but the song, in contrast, is a rousing call to arms aimed to ignite the fire within the underdog”, says frontman Kerr Okan. There is some actual fire in the video too, but on some theatre seats rather than an underdog. There’s also a great deal of dance-based gun violence.

You probably thought Flohio had already released a single this year, but you’re wrong, she hasn’t. Well, she has now, because she’s just released ‘Hell Bent’. But that’s it so far this year. More soon, please.

Bea1991 has released new single ‘Modern Comforts’. What’s your favourite modern comfort? I’ll tell you mine, it’s… um… hummus?

Blanck Mass has released new track ‘No Dice’. “‘No Dice’ is about denial”, he says. No it isn’t.

Why? has released the third movement from his new album ‘AOKOHIO’. Here’s ‘III. Please Take Me Home, I Don’t Belong Here’.

Africa Express have released another new track, ‘Where Will This Lead Us To?’ I’d imagine it would lead us to yet more new music, if their current release rate is anything to go by. This one features Moonchild Sanelly, Radio 123 and Blue May.

Clark has announced that he will release new album, ‘Kiri Variations’, on 26 Jul. “I want people to listen to this in the same way they would read a set of Roald Dahl short stories”, he says. Well then, here’s first single ‘Cannibal Homecoming’. “Ooh listen to how naked and vulnerable I sound at the end”, he says of the track.

Joy Crookes has released the video for new single ‘Hurts’. In an unusual creative decision, she seems to have actually made a video for a completely different track. “My latest video, ‘Hurts’, is inspired by the Frank Ocean song ‘Nights’ and the specific lyric in it, ‘Did you call me from a séance? You are from a past life'”, she explains. So there you go.

Aïsha Devi has released new track ‘Uupar Theory’. Her new mini-album ‘SLF’, from which the track is taken, is due out later this summer. I’m not sure when, but she’s playing the Manchester International Festival on 20 Jul.

Imperial Teen have released new single ‘Don’t Wanna Let You Go’. I reckon this is probably the last one before they release new album ‘Now We Are Timeless’ on 12 Jul, but what do I know? Actually, I’m going to say there’ll be one more. This is a fun game, we should do it with every album release campaign.

Sløtface have released the video for new single ‘Telepathetic’. “What we really wanted to do was to gather all of our creative friends and acquaintances and create something, not knowing specifically what we were actually going to get”, say the band. “Our experience is that if you bring talented people together and film it, it will usually be a good music video”. It’s as easy as that.

Babii has released a mildly interactive video for her new single ‘Poiison’.

Fifty Grand has released new track ‘Summer Rain’, featuring Kankan and Mixed Matches. Hopefully this is the last summer rain we’ll hear of for a while. I’ve had quite enough of June now.

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