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One Liners: Niall Horan, AJ Tracey, Metronomy, more

By | Published on Friday 4 October 2019

Niall Horan


Niall Horan off of One Direction has released new single ‘Nice To Meet Ya’. “It’s been nearly two years since I released [debut solo album] ‘Flicker’ and I can’t wait to get going again. Writing ‘Nice To Meet Ya’ in particular was a special one for me. It gave me a chance to experiment musically and I’m so excited to finally share it with everyone”. 6/10 for effort.

AJ Tracey has released new single ‘Cat Pack’, taken from the deluxe edition of his debut album, which is out on 25 Oct.

Metronomy have released a remix of their recent single ‘Wedding Bells’, all mixed up by them there Idles. It’s the first official remix Idles have ever put their name to. “Metronomy were one of the first bands Idles connected over”, says the band’s guitarist and the actual remixer Mark Bowen. “We saw their live show, when they had the push lights on their chests and did the awesome dance routines, that emboldened us to think more and put more into our live shows. There is also something about the way they use discordant notes and soundclashes in a very blissful way that informs much of our own songwriting”.

Blossoms have announced that they will release their new album, ‘Foolish Loving Space’, on 31 Jan. It’s “a pure celebration of love in all of its splendid and baffling guises, toying with the so-called sins of lust and forbidden infatuation”, they say. “It’s inspired by a summer spent listening to ‘Stop Making Sense’, ‘The Joshua Tree’ and ‘Screamadelica'”. They will also tour the UK in March.

Alter Bridge have released ‘Dying Light’, the closing track from their upcoming ‘Walk The Sky’ album.

King Princess has released a new track from her upcoming debut album, ‘Cheap Queen’, called ‘Hit The Back’.

has released the video for ‘Beautiful Wreck’, the second in a trilogy of videos by director Emma Rosenzweig using tracks from the musician’s ‘Forever Neverland’ album.

Lapalux will release new album ‘Amnioverse’ on 8 Nov. “For me the real focus was that the whole record flowed”, he says. “I worked on each song sequentially and wouldn’t stop working on a session until they fitted together and told the story that I wanted to tell”. So, with apologies, here is one track on its own, ‘Earth’.

Warmduscher have released new single ‘Disco Peanuts’, taken from their new album ‘Tainted Lunch’, which is out on 1 Nov.

Craig Finn has released new single ‘It’s Never Been A Fair Fight’. He begins a run of UK shows next week.

Catholic Action have announced that they will release new album ‘Celebrated By Strangers’ on 27 Mar. Here’s first single, ‘One Of Us’. Frontman Chris McCrory explains: “‘One Of Us’ was written as a direct response to what I see happening in the UK – a country ravaged by poverty and a disintegrating social fabric of increasingly isolated and intoxicated people. A neglected group spun in circles by an uncaring billionaire-owned media, (mis)led into pointing the finger at one another as opposed to those truly responsible for this situation. A depressing but common problem in 2019… sound familiar?”

Sea Change has released new single ‘Flown’. The track is taken from her new album, ‘Inside’, which is out on 15 Nov. “When I made this record I tried to channel the same state of mind I have when I go clubbing”, she says. “Not overthinking everything, like I usually do, but instead embracing my impulses; working intuitively, almost anti-intellectual. I learned that that’s where I am able to get to the core of what I need to express and that I just had to trust those decisions”.

Ama Lou has released new single ‘Northside’. “I wrote the song after experiencing a personal homecoming last year”, she says. “I travel a lot and live bi-coastal, so spending a lot of time living in LA I felt a little out of place coming back to the UK, but that feeling was quickly overrun by the satisfying feeling of knowing that I’m from North London, this is my town and it always will be”.



Lower Dens have announced that they will tour the UK in January and February next year, promoting their recently released ‘The Competition’ album.

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