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One Liners: Nickelback, Wembley Arena, Brian Eno, more

By and | Published on Thursday 8 September 2022



London’s Wembley Arena has been sold by previous owner Quintain to the Intermediate Capital Group for an undisclosed sum. But it will still be operated by ASM Global and sponsored by OVO Energy, so you probably won’t notice.

Warner Chappell has signed pop singer-songwriter Lauren Spencer Smith to a global publishing deal. “Lauren is well on her way to becoming the voice of her generation”, shouts SVP A&R Katy Wolaver. “Her music is filled with relatable and unfiltered lyrics as well as stunning vocals, and she has this natural star power that all of us at Warner Chappell believe in”.



Pan-European indie label trade group IMPALA has announced a new EU-funded climate training and standards initiative for independent music companies, called IMPACTS. “It is great to see that this EU funded call recognised the value of this project by awarding it the highest points among all submitted projects and saw it as a first step in promoting climate literacy and establishing sectorial standards across Europe”, says IMPALA Executive Chair Helen Smith. ”We are hoping IMPACTS will serve as a good basis for further climate projects on a more comprehensive scale and with the appropriate support from EU bodies, on the policy-making level and the financial level as well”.



Nickelback have announced that they will release their tenth studio album, ‘Get Rollin’, on 18 Nov. “We’ve spent the last few years making a record at a pace that gave us the freedom to create and we can’t wait for everyone to hear the new music”, say the band. “We’ve missed the fans and look forward to bringing the new songs to life on stage, so let’s get rollin!” Right. Well, here’s new single, ‘San Quentin’.

Brian Eno has released ‘We Let It In’, on which he trades vocals with his daughter Darla. The track is taken from his upcoming new album ‘Foreverandevernomore’, which is out on 14 Oct.

The xx’s Oliver Sim has released new single ‘Run The Credits’, ahead of the release of his debut solo album ‘Hideous Bastard’ tomorrow.

Deerhoof have released new single ‘My Lovely Cat’, an ode to late internet famous cat Lil Bub. The track is produced by Lil Bub’s former owner Mike Bridavsky. “If you were going to compose a song about a cute cat from the internet, and then track down the guy known for their cute cat from the internet to produce it, you would be shrewd indeed”, say the band. “This we did not do, because we didn’t know about Mike Bridavsky or Lil Bub when we wrote the song. Well, we think about him now: a true collaborator and artist and friend!”

Alela Diane has released new single ‘Camelia’. Her new album, ‘Looking Glass’, is out on 14 Oct and she will play St Matthias Church in London on 20 Oct.

Nnamdi has released new single ‘Dedication’, the last before the release of his new album ‘Please Have A Seat’ on 7 Oct. “I wrote this deep into the 2020 pandemic as self-motivation to get me out of the crippling funk, just to get me to wanna do anything”, he says. “I would play it to go on a run/exercise before I worked on music and before I responded to people’s phone calls. It was really just me hyping myself up to do something to get through the slump and make it through the weeks”.

Maja Lena is back with new single ‘Through The Wall’, taken from her new album ‘Pluto’, which is out on 2 Dec. “I wrote ‘Through The Wall’ while we were recording the album”, she says. ”I wasn’t sure if it would make it onto the record, but I couldn’t stop playing it and then we ended up tracking it. Lyrically, there are themes of feeling torn between two worlds, themes of feeling not good enough, and themes of feeling lost. It’s also about the strange passing of time”. She will be touring the UK in January and February.

Loraine James has released new single ‘Choose To Be Gay’. Her new album, ‘Building Something Beautiful For Me’, is out on 7 Oct.

Liraz has released new single ‘Bishtar Behand’, taken from her new album ‘Roya’, which is out on 7 Oct.

Girlpuppy has released new single ‘The Destroyer’. Her debut album, ‘When I’m Alone’, is out on 28 Oct.

Marlon Williams has released new single ‘Don’t Go Back’. “There are a lot of New Romantic influences in ‘Don’t Go Back’”, he says. “I love the songwriting and over-the-topness of bands like Duran Duran. I was too young to have a sense of it the first time around, but at least to the modern ear there’s a silliness to the pathos in that music that definitely had an influence on the tone of the record”. His new album, ‘My Boy’, is out this week.

Luci is back with new single ‘Gnarly’. “This song is just about being in your bag”, she says. “Poppin yo shit and backin it up! My music is about digging deeper inside to find your gold. You don’t have to bury or tame anything. You need to be diligent and sure – people love to be struck with striking authenticity”. Her debut EP, ‘Juvenilia’, is out on 23 Sep.

Mörmaid has released new single ‘We Love We Dive’. She says of the song: “It’s primarily hopeful and positive, but it also addresses that a romantic relationship isn’t always easy and wonderful”, she says. “People and relationships are flawed, but surely we want what’s real – including the struggles that come with it – because that’s the most fulfilling kind of love, I think”. Her debut EP, ‘Push Pull’, is out on 18 Nov.

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