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One Liners: Round Hill, Eels, Haim, more

By | Published on Thursday 12 November 2020

Round Hill Music


Round Hill Music has said more about its previously announced IPO, which will see Round Hill Music Royalty Fund Ltd list on the London Stock Exchange tomorrow. The music rights firm says it “has successfully raised gross proceeds of $282 million pursuant to the placing and offer for subscription of its ordinary shares”. Fun times. CEO Josh Gruss adds: “This marks the next stage in Round Hill’s development in London, a market with sophisticated investors that understand music royalties and the potential from this asset class”.



If you want people to watch a thing, you should put Jon Hamm in it. I think this old adage is still true. I guess the way to test it out is to see if you click on this link to the new Eels video.

Haim have released new song ‘Feel The Thunder’, taken from the soundtrack of upcoming movie ‘The Croods: A New Age’.

Loyle Carner is back with his first single of 2020, the Madlib-produced ‘Yesterday’. “I wrote this almost two years ago, but at first had trouble with clearing the sample and thought it would never see the light of day”, says Carner. “It’s really just about what it is to be black and white, in a world where you pretty much have to be one or the other. It hurts the way I felt about my race back then is the same way I feel now. Nothing’s changed since my last entry, nothing’s changed since the last century”.

AC/DC have released new single ‘Realize’. Their new album, ‘Power Up’, is out on Friday.

Masego has released new track ‘Mystery Lady’, featuring Don Toliver. The vocal production on it is incredible, just so you know. His new EP, ‘Studying Abroad’, is out this Friday.

Alfie Templeman has released new single ‘Shady’. “It’s about trying to stay true to myself, doing what I wanna do in my life and trying to avoid all the arguments and shady people that come with it”, he says. “No more negativity, more making sense of the past and enjoying what the present has to offer”.

Keeley Forsyth has released new single ‘Glass’. “I was contemplating my own repetitive movements”, she says of writing the track. “Trying to break free from numbing routine, and using music as an escape. I needed to find a way to continue moving forwards”. Her new EP, ‘Photograph’, is out on 20 Nov through The Leaf Label.

Chai have released a cover of Mariya Takeuchi’s city pop classic ‘Plastic Love’.

Baby Queen has released new single ‘Online Dating’. She’s also released the EP from which it is taken, ‘Medicine’. Basically, if you want new Baby Queen music, there is plenty.

Pale Waves have released new single ‘Change’. They’ve also announced that their second album, ‘Who Am I?’, is out on 12 Feb 2021.

PG Lost have released new single ‘Shelter’. New album ‘Oscillate’ is out on 20 Nov.

Somebody’s Child has released new single ‘Top Drawer Romance’. “‘Top Drawer Romance’ is the song that started this project in my bedroom three years ago”, he says. “The top drawer reference is a metaphor to that messy relationship everyone goes to at some point in their life, which reminded me of the state of the top drawer of my bedside table in college at the time”.



Lil Nas X is doing a gig in Roblox. Shut up, I shouldn’t have to explain this to you. Get with the programme, Granddad. “We’re throwing the biggest virtual concert of 2020, and I hope everybody in the world can come check it out,”, he says. “I feel very lucky to be the first artist to ever do this on Roblox”. Roblox users will be able to watch in the UK on Sunday afternoon, with pre-show stuff starting on Saturday evening.

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