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One Liners: Skrillex, Fall Out Boy, Kelela, more

By | Published on Thursday 19 January 2023



Avex USA – the US brand of Japanese major label Avex – has partnered with TikTok-based music curator Ari Elkins to form new joint venture label Blue Suede Records. “I’m so excited to take my love for finding new artists and sharing them with the world to the next level with Avex and the launch of Blue Suede”, says Elkins. “What we are building is a unique opportunity for emerging artists to get best-in-class traditional label services but also truly tangible and contemporary marketing power”.

Spotify has announced a new deal with Middle East-based record label Rotana Music to bring 10,000 Arabic songs to the streaming service’s catalogue. It follows last week’s deal between TikTok and Rotana. “I am incredibly proud to announce our partnership with Rotana which will allow us to expand our Arabic music library tremendously”, says Mark Abou Jaoude, Spotify’s Head Of Music for MENA & South Asia.



The US Senate Judiciary Committee has confirmed that it will will hold a hearing to examine Ticketmaster’s handling of the Taylor Swift ticket presale last year, as well as the ticketing industry more widely, on 24 Jan. Plans to have such a hearing were announced in November.



The UK’s Association Of Independent Festivals has published the full programme for its Festival Congress conference which will take place at the Bristol Beacon on 1 Feb. The Congress is, says new AIF CEO John Rostron, “one of my favourite days of the year, a brilliant moment where so many people involved in presenting and running festivals – or keen to start up their own festival – get together for one long day of learning, listening, sharing and networking. I’m looking forward to a really productive time back in Bristol”.

The UK’s Association Of Independent Music has announced the line-up for this year’s AIM Sync conference. Speakers include Leland Music’s Toby Williams, Amazon Music’s Mitch Page and Beggars Group’s Emma Lomas. “Sync continues to be an important source of income as well as an effective tool for artists to reach new audiences, so we designed AIM Sync to help professionals understand, participate in and capitalise on the sync and brand partnership opportunities available today”, says AIM COO Gee Davy.



Skrillex has released another new single, this one called ‘Leave Me Like This’, a collaboration with Bobby Raps.

Fall Out Boy have released new single ‘Love From The Other Side’. The band will release new album ‘So Much (For) Stardust’ on 24 Mar, their first LP for the Fueled By Ramen label for 20 years. “Our band has been an ongoing art project for 20 years and we know there have been many inception points along that journey”, says the band’s Pete Wentz. “We wanted to create an album that merged those points together – something new, but carved from our foundation. Fueled By Ramen and Elektra seemed like the perfect home for this”.

Kelela has released new single ‘Contact’, ahead of her new album ‘Raven’, which is out on 10 Feb. “‘Contact’ has a little bit of something for every part of the night”, she says. “It’s a soundtrack for ‘pre-gaming’, a song to play as you’re getting ready or on your way to the club. It’s also the interior club experience: the heat that envelops you when you walk into a packed rave. All this culminates in a very naughty, psychedelic moment in the back of the club with a lover”.

Art School Girlfriend is back with new single ‘A Place To Lie’.

Benoît Pioulard has released new single ‘Halve’. His new album ‘Eidetic’ is set for release on 3 Mar.

Anna B Savage has released a new single, wooooooo! It’s called ‘Crown Shyness’. “I whittled away at this song for a long time, over two years”, she says. “It’s about feeling two conflicting things at the same time: a pull towards and a push away from. For me this song doesn’t feel explicitly sad, though. To me it feels like an acknowledgement of tenderness, and connection, but also the ways in which it can’t happen”. Her new album, ‘In|Flux’, is out on 7 Feb.

Braids have released new single ‘Evolution’, and announced that they will release new album ‘Euphoric Recall’ on 28 Apr. “Evolution in and of itself is a patient act”, says frontman Raphaelle Standell-Preston. “Our pursuit of the individual self, which comprises all realms of human emotion, is sweetened with the intention and act of patience from ourselves, from those that we love and those who love us”.

The Raincoats’ Gina Birch has released new solo single ‘I Play My Bass Loud’ – the title track of her debut solo album, which is out on 24 Feb. She is set to tour the UK in March, including a show at Oslo in London on 22 Mar.

MF Tomlinson has released ‘We Are Still Wild Horses (Part 2)’ – the second part of the 21 minute title track to his upcoming new album, which is out on 17 Feb. “Finishing this song was the hardest thing I’ve ever done as an artist”, he says. “And yet, it was impossible to resist. It didn’t feel like I had a choice – it just had to exist. It draws upon themes of awakening, remembering, escape, release, and transcendence. The verse is murmured reflections, memories flashing before the eyes. The story of the horses is a dream – I can’t visualise it”.

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