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One Liners: Sound Credit, Iggy Pop, Hans Zimmer, more

By | Published on Tuesday 26 November 2019

Iggy Pop


UK record industry collecting society PPL has announced a partnership with Sound Credit, an app that allows music makers to provide better data about who has been involved in recording a track. Under the alliance, it will be easier for PPL members to use Sound Credit not only to log their involvement by name but also by their International Performer Number, the unique code used by the collective licensing system. “With an IPN identifier in Sound Credit, we can indelibly link a performer with a sound recording and its usage”, says the firm’s CEO Gebre Waddell.

Kobalt has promoted Jeannette Perez to the role of CEO. That’s Chief Experience Officer, obviously. “She has always ensured that we deliver the highest quality creative services and opportunities to our partners and her dedication to our songwriters and artists perfectly aligns with the values of Kobalt”, says actual CEO Willard Ahdritz. “I’m THRILLED to take on this new challenge”, adds Perez. What an experience that was!



You can now share music and podcasts to your Snapchat Story directly from Deezer. Great news! “Thanks to our Snapchat integration, there’s finally no need to swap between apps when you find something your friends really need to hear”, says Stefan Tweraser, Deezer’s Chief Product And Growth Officer. Finally!



Iggy Pop has released a video for ‘Sonali’ from his latest album ‘Free’. The video is directed by Mac DeMarco.

Wombats guitarist Matthew Murphy has released a new single in his solo guise, Love Fame Tragedy, titled ‘Body Parts’. “I had the idea of a song called ‘Body Parts’ a while back”, he boasts.

Club 8 have released new single ‘The Hospital’.

MJ Hibbett And The Validators have released new single ‘You’re A Tory Now’. Although rules around political broadcasting during a General Election campaign means that it’s currently illegal for radio stations in the UK to play it. “‘You’re A Tory Now’ is about the sudden shock of discovering that one of your friends has turned into a Tory”, says Hibbett. “It’s a call for understanding in a divided country, which manages to also gently suggest that being a Tory is not something that should be encouraged”.

The Keep has released new single ‘Cub’, taken from his EP ‘Primer’, due out on 6 Dec through Houndstooth.



Film composer Hans Zimmer has announced new live shows for March 2021. That’s getting on for a year and a half away, so don’t say you weren’t given ample notice. He’ll play the O2 Arena in London on 5 Mar 2021 and Manchester Arena on 7 Mar 2021. Tickets go on sale on Friday.

Låpsley has announced that she will play Chats Palace in London on 30 Jan – her first UK live show in three years. Her new EP, ‘These Elements’, is out on 6 Dec. “I am so excited to perform in January and show you what I’ve been working on, to reconnect with fans and to get lost in the performance of this EP that means so much to me”, she says.

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