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One Liners: Tom Chaplin, Lacuna Coil, Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott, more

By | Published on Thursday 21 July 2022

Tom Chaplin


Keane’s Tom Chaplin has released new solo single ‘Gravitational’. “There’s an ambiguity to the lyrics”, he says. “The heavy chemicals now are the love for family. But it’s also the desire to unravel. With my addiction and then with certain midlife questions, every time I felt myself getting very far away from home, and my wife, and kids, and music even, there’s an energy that pulls me back. I love that”.

Lacuna Coil are back with new single ‘Tight Rope XX’, taken from the upcoming 20th anniversary re-recording of their 2002 album ‘Comalies’. That new version of the album, titled ‘Comalies XX’, will be released on 14 Oct. “To celebrate the 20th anniversary of ‘Comalies’, we felt this special album deserved more than a remastering”, say the band. “We didn’t just give it a new dress, we built a new skeleton and gave it new skin and a new life”.

Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott will released their fifth album, ‘N.K-Pop’, on 30 Sep, and have put out first single ‘Still’. “I wanted to write a song for folk who have lost a child, whether by miscarriage, stillbirth or in infancy”, says Heaton of the track. “It’s a common occurrence and, for every one story you may hear, there are 20 or 30 left untold. Whilst totally understandable we, together with the stillbirth charity Sands, want to direct people to talking. Many only feel able to talk to their partner about the loss, but talking to someone equally distressed can be suffocating”.

Genesis Owusu is back with new single ‘GTFO’.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith has released new single ‘Have You Felt Lately?’ The track is taken from her upcoming new album, ‘Let’s Turn It Into Sound’, which is out on 26 Aug.

Girlpuppy has announced that she will release her debut album ‘When I’m Alone’ on 28 Oct, and has also released new single ‘Wish’. “On ‘Wish’ I was thinking about when friends leave your life and you’re not entirely sure why”, she says. “This song is me living with that feeling, when loss just doesn’t quite add up. This is the first shoegaze rock song I’ve made and I did that intentionally – the emotions in the song go from anger to sadness to nostalgia and all the other emotions that you feel when you go through a ‘friend breakup’. I imagined it being really cathartic to play it live”.

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