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One Liners: Townsend Music, Steps, Aurora, more

By | Published on Tuesday 8 September 2020



Direct-to-fan company Townsend Music has hired Paul Barnes as Head Of Digital. He was previously at Transistor Music and PledgeMusic, and is also a member of the band Sonic Boom Six. “Barney’s skills and insight in this field will be instrumental in helping us expand the Townsend community and the reach we can offer our clients”, says Sales Director Bruce McKenzie.



Steps have announced that they will release a new album, ‘What The Future Holds’, on 27 Nov. “We were so THRILLED that the last album [in 2017] was a success and it gave us a new lease of life”, say the group. “We’re also THRILLED to have Sophie Ellis-Bextor as our special guest on the ‘What The Future Holds’ 2021 Tour. We are so excited for everyone to hear this new album and to come join us on tour”. Yeah, they’re touring UK arenas in Nov 2021 too, assuming touring is a thing by then. The album’s first single, ‘What The Future Holds’, is out this Friday.

Aurora has a new track out called ‘The Secret Garden’. It features on the soundtrack of the new film of the same name. “Aurora is such a unique and inspiring singer-songwriter, and we were THRILLED when ‘The Secret Garden’ sparked this collaboration with her”, says the film’s producer Rosie Alison. “True to the spirit of the story, her exquisite song conjures nature’s mysterious power in our lives”.

Paul Epworth has released new single ‘Mars & Venus’, featuring Vince Staples, Ishmael and Elle Yaya. The track is taken from the producer’s debut solo album, ‘Voyager’, which is out this Friday. “‘Mars & Venus’ was the first track I made for ‘Voyager’ and without Vince the record wouldn’t have even been started”, says Epworth.

Moonchild Sanelly has released new single ‘Thunda Thighs’. Her new EP, ‘Nüdes’, is out this week.

PAV4N has released new single ‘2020 Fe Dead’. “The pandemic has created the perfect setting for nefarious action from powers that be”, he says. “Whether they are eschewing science and health over profit, passing questionable laws under the noses of a distracted population, or outsourcing life-saving measures to the old boys’ network”.

Vritra has released the video for ‘Air Raid’ from his new album ‘Sonar’.

Makola have released new single ‘Everyday Legend’. “It’s important for us to look at the legends of the past that have paved the way to allow us the opportunity to be legends ourselves”, say they. “No matter what you do or where you come from we can all become legends in our own right”. Their new EP is due in October.

Ava Lily has released new single ‘Closure’. “When I wrote this song I was going through the motions of a break-up”, she says. “I was in this space where I knew we couldn’t be together but I needed to know he was alone, so I could sleep sound. It was kind of a selfish energy, I didn’t wanna be the only one suffering. I was trying to convince myself that if we just spent one more night, then that would be the closure I needed to let go”.

Chloe Lilac has released the video for ‘Douchbag’, taken from her latest EP ‘D-Bag’.

Niji No Conquistador have released the video for ‘Summer Towa Kimi To Watashinari!’, taken from their latest album ‘Rainbow Gravity’.

Jenny Banai has released new single ‘Paper Plain’. The track, she says, “is a poetic stream of consciousness exposing my paper-thin human heart and its desire to express love freely, but in reality, my feelings are faded words stuck inside crumpled ideas”.

Ailbhe Reddy has released new single ‘Looking Happy’. “The song is all about watching someone’s life from afar post-break up”, she says. “We should all know by now that what people present online is a shiny, happy version of events, but sometimes it’s impossible to have that logic when you’re hurting. Most people have probably ended up scrolling through the online profile of an ex and feeling like their life is full of fun parties and holidays, because that’s all people show of their life online”.

Winnie And The Rockettes have released new single ‘Hold My Drink’. “We wanted it to sound cosmic, where you feel the space and get deep into imagining the story of the song”, they say. “Aside from listening to current music, we listen to a lot of music from different ages and we wanted the song to be a reflection of that”.

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