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One Liners: Yungblud, Black Pink, Maisie Peters, more

By | Published on Friday 19 August 2022



Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley has sold his songs catalogue to HarbourView Equity Partners for an undisclosed amount.



StubHub International – which is the version of the StubHub secondary ticketing outfit not owned by Viagogo – has announced Fabian Pulido Diaz as its new Chief Financial Officer. “I am THRILLED to join the team”, he says. “As StubHub International gets ready to celebrate its first anniversary as an independent company, it is great to see the momentum around the company and its success”.



Susie Lucas – formerly with media firm Global and previously Universal Music – and Simon Michael Carroll – who previously worked with the Soho House Group – have formally launched their new brand partnerships agency, Lucas & Carroll. “We wanted to go into partnership together because we both understood the value of collaboration”, they say. “Together we offer a unique and complementary viewpoint on the talent, brand and VIP space. Our relationships are key and it has been really wonderful to feel so supported by our network. We are super excited for the year ahead”.



Blackpink have released new single ‘Pink Venom’. Their new album, ‘Born Pink’, is out on 16 Sep.

Maisie Peters has released new single ‘Good Enough’. Explaining its relationship to previous single ‘Blonde’, she says: “‘Blonde’ and’ Good Enough’ are sister songs to me – they represent the two different sides of my artistry and in a way, myself. One couldn’t exist without the other and I like to think at shows people will scream just as loudly to both”.

Self Esteem has released a new version of her song ‘Fucking Wizardry’. “Here is my new single ‘Fucking Wizardry (Block Them Edit)’”, she says. “It’s a song about trusting and believing in what you already know. If it feels like someone is taking the piss, they usually are. Not to be all ‘you deserve better’ about it, but it’s very likely you do, indeed, deserve better”.

Stefflon Don has released ‘Clockwork’, a collaboration with Spice and the first single from her upcoming debut album ‘Island 54’. “This track is a celebration of my Jamaican heritage and I wanted to make sure that shone through in all its elements”, she says. “From the outfits I designed for the video to collaborating with the queen of dancehall herself, Spice. It’s a song made for Carnival; to dance to, drink to and party to. I can’t wait to hear it around London on the sound systems it was made for”.

Greentea Peng has released new single ‘Look To Him’. She says of the song: “’Look To Him’ explores the idea of originality and the notion of tapping into source energy for creativity and inspiration rather than just searching for it amongst your peers and surroundings. At the same time, it challenges the idea that anything is truly original as nothing is truly our own rather seeped into us from a higher power and thus channelled from God him/herself”.

With their new album, ‘Profound Mysteries II’, out today, Röyksopp have released the video for their latest collaboration with Susanne Sundfør, ‘Oh Lover’.

Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott have released new single ‘Too Much For One (Not Enough For Two)’. “I wanted to write a song about someone who was too over the top to handle. Since I got married, I’ve realised what a handful I am. I now realise I’m not as mellow as I thought I was and that I’m a pain in the arse. The song is more of a tease than writing someone off. It has serious moments but, even though they’ve been caught texting and up to no good, the couple are still together”.

Cancer Bats have released a new version of ‘Friday Night’, from their ‘Psychic Jailbreak’ album, featuring Amy Walpole of Witch Fever. The two bands will be touring the UK together in September.

Tony Wright has released new single ‘Cannonball’. He says of the song: “’Cannonball is a sad and lonely song. Full of emotions that wouldn’t be wished upon anyone. It’s where we end up when we lose confidence and stability. Not what everyone wants to hear perhaps but that’s not going to change the way we play it and or the sentiment behind it”. The Terrorvision frontman’s new solo album, ‘The Anti Album’, is out on 7 Oct.

The Hu have released new single ‘Black Thunder (Part Two)’. Their new album, ‘Rumble Of Thunder’, is out on 2 Sep.

Felicita has released new single ‘Beast’, featuring YoungQueenz.

Batts has released new single ‘All That I Need’. She explains: “’All That I Need’ is about a beautiful trip; whether it be with psychedelics, love or a crazy life experience. It’s about being with someone you love, and that being all that you need in that moment in time”.



Yungblud has announced a UK arena tour in February next year, finishing up at Wembley Arena in London on 25 Feb. Tickets go on sale on 25 Aug.

As part of Lewisham’s year as London Borough Of Culture, Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 will play The Fox & Firkin on 26 Aug. Tickets are on sale now.

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