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Only having one female judge is good for The Voice, says Kylie

By | Published on Wednesday 8 January 2014

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue has said that making her the lone female judge on ‘The Voice’ is good for the show, because it means that the press can’t make up stories about “bitchiness”. It’s the world that Mary Wollstonecraft once could only dream of.

Speaking at the launch of the new series, Kylie said: “I think it works really well, just because it stops there being any stories about bitchiness, cattiness or any kind of competition. I hope that I’m giving a voice to the girls and the women who look up to me – or anyone like me in the business. Maybe it is proportionate to what it is in the industry. Maybe it would be interesting to flip it up another season and have three women and one guy”.

Denying that fears of gossip and bitchiness were behind the hiring process for the judging panel, which includes another newcomer Ricky Wilson and original judges and Tom Jones, the Beeb’s Controller Of Entertainment Commissioning Mark Linsey told BBC News: “It’s fair to say our coaches are chosen for their musical credentials first and foremost. With this four, we’re lucky to certainly have those in bucket loads and have a range of musical ability”.

The new series of the show begins this Saturday on BBC One. It will be a picture of gentlemanly disagreement.