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Pandora’s Ticketfly announces tie up with ticket exchange Lyte

By | Published on Monday 23 January 2017


Pandora’s ticketing business Ticketfly last week announced an alliance with US-based ticket exchange website Lyte, which says it enables fans to resell tickets to shows they can no longer attend, but without providing a home to all those terrible touts. Because we all know about those touts, right? Terrible people. I met one once. He was terrible.

The Ticketfly platform will now integrate with the Lyte marketplace. “By verifying transferred tickets and keeping them within the fan community, Ticketfly and Lyte are helping venues and promoters provide a consistent, secure, and on-brand experience to all fans”, says the official announcement, “whether those fans bought tickets at the onsale or after the show sold out”.

It adds: “Not only will venues and promoters spend less time managing fraudulent tickets and disappointed fans, they will also have fewer empty seats and enjoy increased revenue from the resulting spend on concessions and merchandise”. All sounds marvellous, doesn’t it?

The tie-up was confirmed by Ticketfly boss Andrew Dreskin, who, I should mention, is American, so prepare yourself for the use of the word ‘scalper’ when he obviously means ‘tout’. “For many years I have mulled over how to best tackle the safe and secure resale of tickets for our clients and ticket buyers” he said, forgetting to say ‘scalper’.

“[A system] that keeps the tickets in the hands of true fans” he continued, “keeps control of the experience in the hands of our clients” he went on, “ensures that the house is full for the artists” he further mused – don’t worry, the ‘scalper’ mention is incoming – “and renders obsolete scalpers who leach off the primary ecosystem”. Boom, there it is. “Lyte is that answer”, he reckons. “We are delighted to be in business with these guys”.

One of those guys, Lyte CEO Ant Taylor, added: “Lyte takes control of the fan experience away from anonymous third parties and puts it back in the hands of venues and promoters. Lyte provides the most transparent, secure, and seamless solution for exchanging tickets. That is what fans deserve and eventually, what they’ll demand. In Ticketfly, we have a partner who catalyses our mission. We are proud to apply our technology in the service of their incredible client base”.

So, there you go, mission catalysed. The recently announced job cuts at Pandora don’t affect Ticketfly by the way. So that’s nice. For them.