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Paul Gambaccini to revive America’s Greatest Hits show on Greatest Hits Radio

By | Published on Tuesday 11 February 2020

Paul Gambaccini

Paul Gambaccini has announced that he is reviving his ‘America’s Greatest Hits’ show on Bauer’s Greatest Hits Radio network. Which I guess seems appropriate.

Originally launched in 1975 on BBC Radio 1, ‘America’s Greatest Hits’ later moved to commercial radio, and then spent several years on and off on BBC Radio 2. Its last airing on that particular BBC station was in 2016. It is now set to return to commercial radio once again, airing on Saturday afternoons, starting this weekend.

“I give three cheers for joining Greatest Hits Radio with ‘America’s Greatest Hits'”, Gambaccini says. “First, I get to bring my most personal and most rewarding show back to national radio. Second, I am honoured to be on the same day’s schedule as two radio legends who have been friends for decades, Pat Sharp and Janice Long. Third, I join a network that believes as fervently in the value and permanence of radio as I do. Hip, hip, hooray!”

With anyone else, I’d say they’d overthought that quote, but I imagine that’s the sort of thing Gambaccini says about his breakfast every morning too.

‘America’s Greatest Hits’ will be on from 5-7pm every Saturday, starting on 15 Feb. As hinted at in one of Gambaccini’s cheers, it will be preceded by shows fronted by Janice Long and Pat Sharp.