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Paul McCartney releases lost Jeff Beck collaboration

By | Published on Wednesday 1 February 2023

Jeff Beck

Following the death of Jeff Beck earlier this month, Paul McCartney has shared a collaboration he had apparently forgotten about which they worked on together in 1994.

Titled ‘Why Are They Cutting Down The Rainforest?’, the song features a monologue from Beck asking that question in more detail and laying out concerns about the impacts of deforestation. All over an upbeat musical back from him and McCartney.

“With the sad passing of Jeff Beck – a good friend of mine, and a great, great guitar player – it reminded me of the time we worked together many years ago on a campaign for vegetarianism”, says McCartney. “It’s great guitar playing, cos it’s Jeff!”

Originally recorded for a radio series presented by McCartney, the track is now being shared as part of the former Beatle’s long-running Meat Free Monday vegetarianism campaign.

“What worries me is what else we are killing besides the cows”, says Beck on the track. “Nearly a quarter of all medications and pharmaceuticals that we use today are derived from tropical plants”.

“Because we want more and more grazing land for cattle”, he continues, “we are ripping up the rainforests, uncaring or oblivious to the fact that these forests may and possibly do contain plants that could provide a cure for leukaemia or heart disease, maybe even a cure for AIDS – who knows?”

“But it doesn’t make much sense to me to risk losing the possible discovery of a miracle cure just for a dollar 50 hamburger”, he concludes.

Beck died earlier this month, aged 78, after recently contracting bacterial meningitis.

Listen to ‘Why Are They Cutting Down The Rainforest?’ here: