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Pinterest announces music deals

By | Published on Thursday 20 October 2022


Good old Pinterest has announced some deals with various music companies to allow users to add tracks to their Idea Pins. And if you’re wondering what the fuck Ideas Pins are, well, you’re out of touch on all the Pinterest good times, aren’t you? But if it helps, The Verge describes them as “somewhere between a TikTok and an Instagram story”.

It’s a function Pinterest added last year. The platform already had some ‘royalty-free music’ that users could add to their posts. However, now that it has deals with Warner Music, on both recordings and songs, plus BMG and indie label repping Merlin, users will have access to lovely proper music that proper musicians make for proper people to properly enjoy.

The music company deals also makes the Idea Pins function more akin to the TikTok and the short form video strands on Instagram and YouTube, where being able to easily access clips of commercially released music is part of the package.

“Music plays a vital role in elevating storytelling and empowering storytellers, creators, and Pinners who inspire the world every day on Pinterest” says Malik Ducard, who is Chief Content Officer Pinterest. And yes, he did say ‘Pinners’ there, but I’m opting to ignore that.

“We are THRILLED to partner with Warner Music Group, Warner Chappell Music, Merlin and BMG to bring the latest music tracks to our platform and elevate the content and inspiration created on Pinterest”, he adds.

Warner Music’s Chief Digital Officer Oana Ruxandra adds: “The future of media will be founded on music. WMG, including our publishing partners at Warner Chappell, is incredibly excited to partner with Pinterest to help inspire their users to engage, design and imagine. Together, the creative potential for Pinterest audiences will be virtually endless”.

And Merlin CEO Jeremy Sirota says: “This partnership has been a truly collaborative process to visualise how Pinterest creators can make music a more integral part of their experience on the platform. We are excited to make independent music part of Pinterest’s exciting feature. Merlin members are excited to see the content that emerges from it”.