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PIPCU arrests couple behind online musical software piracy operation

By | Published on Thursday 12 November 2015

City Of London Police

Two people in Manchester have been arrested by the City Of London Police’s IP Crime Unit, aka PIPCU, on suspicion of being involved in the unlicensed distribution of music software online.

PIPCU began investigating the couple after being made aware of their online operation by record industry trade group the BPI. The accused allegedly ran a piracy set-up that sold musical software – including digital products like backing tracks and pre-recorded instrumentals – at knocked down prices, without the permission of the owners of the works they are distributing.

Police arrested the couple as part of an early morning operation, subsequently searching their home and “seizing a number of articles relating to the distribution of copyright protected music software”.

Detective Constable Steven Kettle says: “PIPCU is committed to working with partner agencies like the BPI to clamp down on the [illegal] sale and distribution of copyrighted materials. This is a crime that is costing the UK creative industry hundreds of millions of pounds while affecting the livelihoods of people living and working across the UK and around the world”.

Meanwhile the BPI’s Head Of Internet Investigations John Hodge added: “This recent action shows that engaging in content piracy isn’t a legitimate business; it’s an illegal activity that has negative consequences not just for creators, but ultimately for consumers also. It is reassuring that this matter is being taken very seriously by City Of London Police, and we would like to thank PIPCU for their professionalism in this case and for their ongoing efforts to tackle intellectual property crime, which increasingly affects us all”.